Sunday, June 26, 2016

[Achtung Cthulhu] Ghost Light

As the eventful year of 1939 comes to a close, Nachtwülfe and Section M set a collision course for Greenland. En route, some of our intrepid heroes take an unexpected detour into the cold Atlantic waters north of Britain, led on by a host of strange lights...

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Dave S.


  1. It's a bit strange to have Dave and Renae both present, after they both played the same character. I almost feel like she should have been played in tandem, Everyone is John -style.

    Nah, I'm just kidding.go to the frozen north, blow up a monster; what more can you want out of a Cthulhu adventure?

    1. Remember that Larkins played her first. But I think having an EoRP game of Everyone is John would be pretty amusing.

  2. Oh that tricky question of "Would you like to shoot it?" Stupid eldritch horrors of reality-bending impossibility always give so little sign as to if you're actually hurting, so you have to decide if you're hurting it or just drawing its attention. Of course if you decide your character is just screaming defiance and firing wildly it solves that problem.

    Why can't a teeming mass of things ever be nice!

    1. We just have to make sure to save the last flare...for ourselves...

    2. The other rule of Cthulhu! Always have a good weapon on hand to give you (and possibly your friends) a relatively painless death when all else seems lost. A Flare gun seems ill-suited for that test.

      Also friends not bringing their own suicide weapon on an investigation is just rude. Right now Helga has to reserve THREE flares!

    3. Don't they all have cyanide tablets?