Sunday, June 19, 2016

[Achtung Cthulhu] The Disintegrator, Part II

The auction is on! But how long can it last with a group of determined troublemakers and an uninvited weirdo doing their level best to disrupt proceedings? And then there's the matter of the giant moth-creature outside in the mist...

The campaign wiki can be found here.

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  1. Replies
    1. That's probably just Micheline's second consciousness trying desperately to make herself heard during the auction. It'll probably be louder in Greenland.

      I like that the 30 Luck-save rule was so strongly enforced by two people who didn't need it and could (perhaps) have been spent to turn the tide. That'll just encourage everyone to spend it recklessly next time and they'll end up needing it.

      Also wait, the Mothman WASN'T (completely) evil in this one? Does that mean the weird pancake man told a... lie? Damn monsters, nothing could have prepared me for horrors from beyond this world lying to me so that I would help them get their death lightsabers.

  2. I hate to be That Audio Quality Guy, but since the fixed version of Into Darkness I'm finding your recordings much harder to listen to - the constantly-varying background hiss is a real distraction. (And the background music is hardly audible at all any more.)

    1. No worries! I welcome that sort of feedback.

      The audio issues are entirely due to our game room's shuddering, juddering old window-mounted air conditioner, which I've been running since (coincidentally enough) our "Into Darkness" session. Doing noise removal in Audacity and then running the recording through my audio leveling software produces the problems you're noticing, but the raw recordings are even worse.

      Funny timing on your comment, though: I'm actually in the process of putting in a new unit that purports to be "whisper quiet"--fingers crossed that this helps...

    2. Yeah, I've met some problems where noise removal really doesn't help much - I was recording at UK Games Expo in a small room with other RPG groups on adjacent tables, so the "noise" had just the same characteristics as the voices I wanted.

      Good luck!