Sunday, June 12, 2016

[Achtung Cthulhu] The Disintegrator, Part I

A telegram from America takes our intrepid Section M operatives on an intriguing side-quest to Kingsport and a nearby hotel, where a mysterious piece of weird science stands at the ready for a most peculiar demonstration.

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Dave S.


  1. I had noticed that Private Bucket had lost a lot of insanity, but I had written it off as dream insanity that would "heal" when he woke up, in the same way that no one actually had their hearts ripped out. I guess I should've known better when it looked like Dave's character would get a happy ending.

    Side effects of futuristic weapons of mass destruction include existence failure, uncontrollable desires to touch things with your bare hands, unexpected arrival of off-screen PCs, and incontinence. Talk to your doctor about futuristic weapons of mass destruction, because he would really like to steal them first.

    1. 9 out of 10 doctors agree that FWoMD shouldn't be handled by the public. The 10th doctor is Dr. Fountain, and god knows what he's thinking.


  2. The first time, I heard "harbour thugs" as "Harvard thugs." They didn't seem very threatening.

    "And then, the horrible, unthinkable realization, the meaning that defied meaning itself, took possession of me. H. P. Lovecraft was dead and yet he was there...

    1. Sure it sounds harmless but you wouldn't want to run into a Harvard thug in a dark alley, I can assure you.

      I'm mainly just upset with myself that I went with "harbor thugs" rather than going for a prime Simpsons-reference opportunity...