Wednesday, January 18, 2017

[Esoteric Order Duets] "Like a Prayer" (Hunter: The Demon's Mirror)

Amy's initiation into the world of Hunters and their prey reaches terrifying new levels. This one is rated a "hard R" for mature themes.

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  1. [Spoiler warning, again. If you haven't listened to this episode, stop reading. This is another one where you will not regret making sure that you hear it without knowing what happens in advance.]

    So, that was the quiet, slow-build, *opening* episode of this story? I'll be curious to see how you manage to ramp up the pace and energy after that...

    One thing that I found interesting about the experience of listening to this episode was how the position of this "chronicle" as a spinoff of Aaron's misadventures affected Amy's confrontation with Karen.

    If this had been a normal standalone game, I would have assumed that the likelihood was that Amy was meant to kill Karen. But, since Karen is so important to Aaron's story, I felt that she had plot immunity. Which left me in suspense as to how the encounter between the two would play out. At one point, I was even wondering if this would go down the road of Karen becoming besotted with Amy.
    (Hey, I said that I view this as a CW show.)

    Much as I am waiting for the climactic "Amy meets Aaron!" moment, it would be amusing if they keep just missing one another, and instead Ken becomes a recurring character in Aaron's story.

    But definitely one of the best episodes yet.