Wednesday, January 4, 2017

[Esoteric Order Duets] "I Can't Wait" (Hunter: The Demon's Mirror)

What has become of Aaron Evans, the man Dawn was seeing at the time of her death? The Crypt’s Sons, a street gang made up of vampires and their minions, guard his house in Silverlake and allow no visitors. Reverend Cutler has asked Amy to look into the matter.

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  1. All caught up as of about 20 minutes ago! The usual scattered thoughts:

    - I was so waiting for the moment in which Amy found out about Karen. This is basically what we're all waiting for. Forget monster hunting. I want soap opera angst. Incidentally, what is the best Dawn/Amy ship name? Damy? A-dawn?

    - Wasn't Derek supposed to be some sort of *advantage* for Aaron?

    - It's a shame that you haven't added Aaron Evans to the wiki for this campaign with an appropriate write-up. "A sinister mysterious presence on the fringes of Amy's world. Who knows what horrific secrets lurk behind his wholesome Midwestern facade? One thing is certain - Aaron Evans is pure evil...." Something like that.

    - This is really a comment on your character generation episode. But while I liked the look of Virtues and Vices when I browsed the nWoD basic book in the bookstore about a decade ago, I think losing Nature/Demeanour is a terrible shame. It's one of those cases where a simple detail of the rules immediately sets the tone for the world, because it establishes that this will be a place where the way people appear to be is systematically not the way they are.

  2. This is super late, but I wanted to respond to your comments:

    1. Yeah, Amy is not happy about AE's lifestyle choices and how those choices harmed Dawn.

    2. I texted David with the horrified realization that Derek would give Mohammed Amy's phone number. So, there's that. :( :)

    3. I definitely want to do some write ups from Amy's POV on these jokers.

    4. I like Nature/Demeanor a bit better than the Virtue/Vice, too.