Sunday, June 28, 2015

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 543 (Part I) - The Kingdom of the Circle of Gold

A family feud sparks a challenge for a quest...but will the winner find only dole and sorrow awaiting at the end of the adventure?


Dave S.
And…Edie the Dog

The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. Wow, that's some great adventure there. Seems to me like a good one for some hidden identities. You know: Leander disguising himself as the knight of the manor to fight Sir Bleobaris, or the King actually turning out to be Sir Griflet (actually, I'm kind of expecting a certain someone else). Maybe see a certain black knight pursuing the Questing Beast through the woods.

    Also, is Leander's Amor actually going down? I feel like he keeps getting crits on it, which would be driving it back up. He just can't wash that woman right out of his hair.

    1. He is critting on it, which is odd because Des usually WASN'T rolling her passion when she attempted a number of her challenges, which was a contributing factor to her poor success rate. It was a 24 for the longest time, but she used it sparingly (and usually only once) rather than for every roll like Daig did this year.

      Now that Leander has moved on to hate-crushing he is definitely rolling that Amour a lot better. Kinda fitting. I hope he knocks that resistance factor down to 0, the Court of Love has a big celebration as the great romantic knight prepares to move onwards, and then can come the crushing rejection. It would be pretty sweet.

      How does getting rid of Love passions work though? Leander doesn't seem too interested in pursuing Lady Anne so is he losing one point in that every year as well?

  2. Good night Sir Pace. You will always hold a special place in our hearts as the only one of Dave's characters to die peacefully in bed, with friends nearby if not actually in the room with him. That last, great passion of Cynrain's will finally be laid to rest. Also, TECHNICALLY this can be said to be yet another player knight that Leander has killed, since it was departing that last critical bit of information to the PC's that allowed Sir Pace to finally let go and move on. Good work Des!

    I think that every time Mordred gives Leander a sound drubbing his attitude towards his amour changes. Leander got thrashed last year, and now he's forgotten why he was mad at the first place and back to being in love. It's the kind of crazy, back and forth mood swings you'd expect when someone's been toying with you for a dozen-ish years.

    Also, very good use flash-back to get the adventure going this year Dave. Keep twisting that knife!

    1. What can I say? These days I seem to be incapable of going a single session without a character death.

    2. Were you making aging rolls and that was just the last year for Pace, or were you holding on until someone bit on the Circle of Gold adventure hook?

      Also even though I guess he wasn't raking in Cynrain-glory points to keep himself fit you can take solace in the fact that the memory of Sir Pace will endure as long as the Kingdom of the Circle of Gold (so I don't know, next week?). You're exactly like their Mordred!

      You should tell Sir Bleoberis to just say he's here on behalf of Sir Pace at every trial. That'll fix that problem.

    3. Yeah, I'd let his aging rolls slip by, as I've never intended to play him again. Larkins had sent me an email about the Circle of Gold adventure, so I figured if that ever came up in Cynrain's lifetime Pace would still be alive to drop some plot. If Cynrain died, though, his bestie wouldn't outlive him for long.

    4. Well, both your deaths were very poignant and well done. I'm sad that Sir-Half-A-Session won't be getting memorialized. It's not like he even did poorly in his fight, he managed to score three crits in a row, you were just up against some sort of crazy, magic-enhanced knight. Hardly his fault that his first and only foe was apparently murderfiendish.

    5. I may reconsider. After all, he was (very briefly) Martin Freeman, wasn't he.