Sunday, June 21, 2015

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 542 - A Soft Seven

A helmed knight, a deadly tournament, mud raining from the sky, and a blood-filled bowl all feature this year. Who will survive?


Dave S.
And…Edie the Dog

The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. "What is *wrong* with you?"

  2. That was a lovely return to form. Leander continued to make life worse for everyone, Renae remembered why she should make characters who have a good hit point score, Daig got to "fight" Agravaine again (and needs to make a forgiving roll) AND play a new character with his usual aplomb, and Jade just calmly powered through the events unperturbed.

    Too bad none of your players can count properly.

    Also, I was a little surprised that the heroes of Camelot who were feted and celebrated like no other didn't receive very much Glory out of it. I had assumed they would get at least one Glory Point out of the events. Plus they should remember to wear their 3 Libre celebratory clothing at feasts for the App bonus it provides.

    1. For some reason I misremembered that clothes don't grant bonuses to the APP card-drawing check, only future APP rolls.

  3. Well, some adventures go well, some not so well. You gotta have the occasional grim year to make the others seem better. And the glory days are past.

    I do kind of love how Leander can never remember whether he's involved in a blood feud with the Orkneys or not.

    Also, to go way back to something said near the beginning: I'm pretty sure that there was a 2-player Sims game on the Gamecube, and probably similar consoles. I think it was called Bustin' Out. Not a fantastic game, as I recall, but if you're desperate for some 2-player Sims action, it does exist.

    1. Leander and Mordred are so very much in common: they both seem to hate themselves, and they can't decide on if they're friends with someone or want to antagonize them to death. Leander does seem better at it though. Too bad he didn't sleep on the bed, it would've been interesting to see if it could burst into flames.

      This was definitely a session where the players might have been happier if they had stayed home. Or maybe done almost anything else. Ah well.