Sunday, June 14, 2015

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 541 - The Castle of Annowre

Yr humble GM is (finally) back in the pink, and Leander, Daig, and Perry are back on the trail of the missing king - joined this time by a couple friends, one old and one new.

(Special thanks to Jessie Frye for her casting cameo as Annowre.)


Dave S.
And…Edie the Dog

The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. Welcome back Renae! It's great that everything's going well, and I'd like to say it was indeed a great session for you to come back to, if the actions of Adtherp weren't going to be drowned out by the roar of failure brought on by your new friends this year.

    I'm going to spend the rest of this game year sulking. And, if I'm remembering correctly, a few years after this.

    1. Personal sadness and ominous foreshadowing aside, a good idea is a good idea

    2. Oh man, that's GOLD. So now we've got at least two alternate frameworks for future GPCs: an all-Muppet campaign and a "Silver Age" campaign. Excellent.

  2. You know, when they were following that slime trail, I was half expecting them to end up at the crack'd and crook'd castle.

    I'm glad to hear that you seem to be feeling better, and it's good to hear everyone back (almost, I guess).

    And on the subject of weddings, I know I've read accounts that say that at some medieval weddings, the guests would bring cakes, and these would all get stacked up and the bride and groom were supposed to try to kiss over the top of the pile. I've been thinking that that could add a fun thing to add to a wedding for a bit of laughs or glory, a la the leap with knighthood.