Sunday, October 22, 2017

[Prophecies of Doom] "The Broken Tower" (Part II)

We wrap our play-through of the Quick-Start adventure, in which we discover the joys of rune magic and the Runequest combat system.

The campaign wiki may be found here.

David S.


  1. Ah, nothing like that first combat with a new system, where nobody knows how deadly it is or how many enemies they can take at once or any of the other quirks.

    Glorantha is one of those settings that intrigues me, but about which I know basically nothing (beyond what was in Kings of Dragon Pass). So I'm looking forward to this.

    1. When your life goal is to cut someone's head clean off, it's important to think of how you can exceed that goal.

  2. geeze guys, giving me the business here for killing off Sir Tathan! Tried to give that char some extra survivability and he still fell to the Schimpf dicerolls.

    On a side note, in the other game I ran for the Devil's Justice, Tathan sundered the pyro's tank early, just in time to save the life of 3 PCs.

    So in one reality he lives on. I plan on using the same chars next year too for another adventure, so there's always a chance at some revengeance.

    Game on, guys.