Sunday, October 1, 2017

Preview: "Rusted Veins" Handouts

This Wednesday marks the first in our inaugural "Short Order" sessions: a convention-length scenario  parceled out into hour-long weekly installments, for those of you who prefer your actual-plays a bit more bite-sized...

And speaking of bites, we kick things off with the Vampire 5th Edition Alpha play-test scenario, "Rusted Veins". Resident vampire-lover Desiree takes the Storyteller's helm, and she really went all out with session prep, producing this brilliant set of character reference images to hand out to the players at the top of the scenario. Very helpful for keeping track of who's who.

Click on the images to embiggen, download, and use in your own sessions of "Rusted Veins"!

See you on Wednesday with a Short Order episode, and join us next Sunday for our first RuneQuest Glorantha session!

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