Tuesday, October 24, 2017

[Esoteric Order Duets] "The Third Eye" (13 Candles)

All good things must end, and so we wrap up Thirteen Candles. Join us as Charlotte completes her long and arduous path...and makes some truly unlife-changing decisions along the way.

The chronicle's wiki can be found here.


  1. Oh man, these duets have been great. But guys- if I'm not mistaken Consuela would have a mixed bloodline! Tiny Salubri/Tremere on the loose! Of course the story comes first so do what you need to do, but she could be an amazing recurring character!

    1. Ah ha! I have never heard of mixed bloodlines, but I am intrigued. I have thought about this quite a bit and have a whole backstory for Consuela as she navigates Kindred society...we shall see!

      I love the idea of her coming back in some way.