Sunday, September 17, 2017

[World of Darkness] A Chill Semester: "Starve a Cold, Feed a Fever"

"Do not call up that which you cannot put down." The chronicle's finale.

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David L.
And...Edie the Dog


  1. Congrats on finishing your campaign Dave! It was a lot of fun to listen to, and I've never heard someone so adroitly position their players to screw themselves over with seemingly so little effort on your part. "Shame" about the bad luck with the attack rolls at the end there.

    Also both of the World of Darkness story arcs I've played in have also been solved by burning something down. I think it's a Hunter go-to move.

  2. Thanks Jake! Sorry it's taken me...almost a year to see this comment. I have no excuse, but I'll be running a...semi-crossover game with the Frivolous Gaming crew in July, if I can find my Yeti I'll be sure to record the session.