Tuesday, September 5, 2017

[Esoteric Order Duets] "Baby, Now That I Found You" (13 Candles)

Tensions explode in Topanga Canyon and much blood is spilled Who will make it out with their lives (or unlives) intact?

The chronicle's wiki can be found here.


  1. - That was nice and tense.

    - I think that my preferred version of losing the blood bond would be that the former thrall ceases to feel the feelings (of course), but still remembers what the bond felt like in all its intensity. That allows for very different reactions depending on the character and the circumstances under which the bond was formed. One character misses that sense of intimate connection and would do anything to get it back; another is disgusted and horrified at themselves and develops a paranoid aversion to ever letting it happen again; another is a mixture of both. But no-one comes through it unscarred.

    1. Yeah, that's about where I'm at with it as well--the bond may be entirely artificial, but there may be genuine emotions mixed in as well (as with Vera Vignes or Aaron). I'm hoping to explore some of the aftermath of the bond for Charlotte, since for her it represented a sort of juvenile, platonic "love" that was part filial, part romantic that's now revealed to be entirely external and artificial.