Sunday, July 10, 2016

[Achtung Cthulhu] Into the Breach

We wrap up the "Shadows of Atlantis" arc with ancient artifacts, time paradoxes, death by flamethrower, and mile-long worm gods...

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Dave S.
And...Edie the Dog


  1. I'm hoping that the timestream is mostly unchanged. Even though we still end up with Crazy Bucket, now Dave can flirt with an Atlantean Prince. Also in a general sense while it's fun to do the temporal reboot, it's pretty frustrating to have a bunch of your progress reset. Miraculous resurrections should be reserved for people that no one wants to see again.

    I hope that creepy hair fetishist came back to life somehow!

    1. Note: I'm talking about the confusing temporal paradox nature of having gone crazy and requiring cures even though the events that led to his insanity apparently never happened. So glad we won't lose Crazy Bucket.

    2. Time travelling Nazis stealing an Atlantean artifact of Chthonic destruction is basically the perfect backdrop for one young French woman to decide where her heart lies

    3. Haha, I love it! I'll get in touch with Michael Bay straight away and see about optioning the movie rights.

      (Of course, we'll have to make her American. Audiences won't be able to identify with a French lead.)

    4. No, you just need to make either the Atlantean or Bucket an American. A French girlfriend is probably fine, and I mean, whoever heard of a female lead in a movie?

      And having an Atlantean around should be pretty handy. I mean, I think Lovecraft and Howard are in continuity to at least some degree, and Conan was descended from Atlanteans, so they must be pretty tough, right?