Sunday, March 27, 2016

The Storm Clouds Gather...

Greetings, true believers!

Late-winter/early-spring allergies and colds continue to cause havoc among the Order, compelling us to delay our inaugural session for our next campaign by a week.

However, we did settle on a winner, and by a rather large margin. We'll be kicking off next week with an anticipated dozen-or-so-session campaign of Achtung! Cthulhu. The wiki can be found here.

Art by Dim Martin.
In the meantime, if you want to hear the Order's very own two Davids, as well as Bill from "The Veil of Isis", participating in a 5th Edition D&D online campaign run by David L.'s long-time gaming buddy Alex, check out The Mists of Time; session recordings will be going up on YouTube and also linked via Obsidian Portal, so you've got two ways to track the campaign's progress. The first session (character creation) is also embedded below:


  1. Yay! Cthulhu episodes inbound. I can wait a week for that.

    Tried the youtube thing, but it's just not how I spend my time. I use podcasts on the go while I do household chores, walk the dog, take a poop, have a smoke, drive to work, shop for groceries and so on. Sitting at the computer is just not doing it. It's inconvenient to me that so much great actual play content is only available on youtube. I'm sure there's a big audience for it, but sadly it's not for me.

    1. I hear ya. I've listened to long-form YouTube videos (actual-plays, panel discussions, reviews, etc.) while working at my desk or drifting off to sleep (I use an app called Tubex that continues to play the audio from a video even if my screen is in locked mode). But it's not nearly as convenient as an RSS feed.

      Next session I'll see if it's easy to pull the audio off the video capture to create an MP3 file to upload--if it is, an RSS feed in addition to the YouTube videos might be do-able...

    2. It's pretty easy with ffmpeg/avconv - I can do it directly from the youtube video if you like.

    3. That's very kind of you to offer, Roger! Looks like my program I'm using to capture the video (Camtasia) will also do a separate audio export. Alex gave his blessing to this, so I'll look into setting up a separate RSS feed for his games.