Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Favorite Moments?

Hello, loyal listeners!

Here at the Esoteric Order HQ, we are working on a little soon-to-be-revealed secret project. Part of this project involves collating a "sound collage" of favorite moments from past recorded sessions, and we thought that we'd open up nominations to the general audience.

So: out of our hundreds of hours of recorded sessions, are there any small moments that still stick with you? Critical dice rolls, moments of high drama or low comedy, tragic deaths and heroic sacrifices, and so on.

If so, please leave your nominations in the comments section below and our Master Archivist will delve into the back catalog and retrieve them.



  1. There are a lot of moments I like, but then those already exist inside of my head so individual moments aren't as needed. My requests would be:

    1) Can we have a montage of Des's various anguished cries of "No!" as her characters traits rebel against her intentions? I expect that should fill up a good handful of minutes.

    2) The first and last in-character lines of your various characters throughout the games. They don't necessarily have to die, just a nice contrast from how they started to where they ended.

  2. One of the earliest shining moments I'd have to attribute to Dr. Miles Hume: "Stand back. I'm about to perform Medicine!" Such a great character. Bill's delivery was perfect.

    Early Pendragon there are some fabulous lines and one liners from all the saxons David did. That accent and delivery is perfect. Makes me crack up just thinking it.

    I'm always a big fan of Jen. She can be so scandalized by the shit she herself says in characters or the GM describes. Many tasty examples all throughout the archive. I'll have to think on some specific episodes later.

    1. Since I started re-listening to the Pendragon sessions I thought I'd put down some notes on good bits. Here's what I got so far. I'll keep posting here as I get along. It's been great stuff, but below are some snippets that might make for tasty audiobites, since you can't exactly make a 250+ hour greatest moments thing of all of it.

      Pendragon Demo part 2:
      53m - a hug and a rogering
      2:40m - slaying of the ghost
      2:45m - piss boy or an angel

      Year 485
      18m dave's crit (there were several this whole year, shocking!)
      24m sweetmeats
      ~28m the stockade insident
      32m combat advice from the veterans
      1;53 Virgil crits flirt

      And now, I'm off to 486. I'll be back in a couple episodes.

    2. Year 486
      8m Sir Vergil's relatios
      ~2h Pace get a glimpse of Sir Lykus's (?) undercarriage
      2:15 sweetmeat bandits

      Year 487
      1:30 questing beast
      1:42 Vergil to the rescue
      Great eventful feast all round.
      2:00 Reckless!
      2:20 Sir Cynrain the murder machine

      487 was a great episode! Brendan was memorable as Sir Cormac. His obsession with the questing beast was well played out. Sir Vergil seems to be the ladies favourite. That was so well played by Renae starting with the earliest squire scenes. On a second listen through it really is excellent roleplay.

    3. Year 488
      Great fun on yearly events
      2:20 capture of Sir Blains
      2:30 a quick feast

      Year 489
      Arthurian lion
      Feasting follows
      2:20 Sir Pace's courtship and unlikely success
      2:45 beaten and captured, great saxon voice work.

    4. Year 490
      Winter phase: Sir Pace's departure, Vergil's courtship
      1:44 Frothy Gustaf
      ~2:00 Epic rescue of fallen comrades
      ~2:15 demise of sir Vergil (and sir Lewin)

      Year 491
      10m David S succeeds!
      18m Wolfram's duel for love
      2:10m steamy dance with lady Jenna
      Sir Vergil is immoratalized in song
      Great feast!

      Year 492
      1:24m Merlin shows his face
      2:05m Cormack is on the hunt
      2:24m Cynrain speaks in his defense

      Onwards to 493!

    5. Thanks for doing these! Really good stuff.

    6. Only two today. Apologies. ;)

      Year 493
      1:01 the friar incident
      1:20 council with Roderic
      ~2:00 a wild praetor appears, it's super effective
      2:30 the roman is an ass
      2:40 Tathan's year is a "wash"
      2:52 welcome to Salisbury
      Schrödinger's Cynrain

      Year 494
      Winter phase: Cormack's duel of fail
      1:28 pictish scuttle
      1:35 "your fart joke here"
      1:50 horse race
      2:05 damsel in distress
      2:09 squire business
      2:35 treasure!
      2:54 vile poison!

    7. Year 495
      8m Cormack's spicy winter
      Cynrain the banneret
      30m Concord's army of squires
      59m charge
      1:09 too old for this shit
      1:34 Jeridan bites the dust (what about them bodyguards?)
      1:49 Cynrain saved
      1:59 Roderick down
      2:08 Smell of battle
      2:44 poison! again!

      Year 496 part 1
      3m bastard of sorrow
      busy year for castle builders, many squires are knighted
      30m just phoning it in
      35m changeling
      1:10 omelette bar and mimosas, order of the empty goblet
      1:16 fighting words, saxon voice goodness
      Vortigerns honeytonguued spawn
      2:19 misbehaving changeling
      2:30 to the forest sauvage. many tips.
      2:40 horseplay

    8. Year 496 part 2 / 497
      Juusting? Jyysting?
      ~40m sun and moon
      55m modest hawk
      ~1:10m oberon
      2:00 double tribute
      2:22 mound party
      2:41 merlin's bucket list
      ~3:00 crit fest
      3:26 it's blains!

      Year 498
      Blains courts the countess to the tune of grinding teeth
      ~40 cynrain's old flame
      ~55 which saxons are the least appalling
      1:05 the art of manscaping
      1:18 merlin again with adventure
      1:32 some new rugs show up
      ~1:50 merlin and jeridan duel
      ~2:00 army assambles. to ridychan!
      2:21 which arm do you like the least?
      wolfram's madness

      Year 499
      40m cynrains court. Blaiiiinnns!
      ~1:00 Tathan over the wall. Oxford taken
      1:30 bad mounthing the host
      ~1:45 cormack & tathan in the forest sauvage. lost, wild hunt, questing beast
      ~2:15 lady of the lake
      2:20 slap the jeesus out of tathan
      2:44 marriage of count cynrain
      2:47 Ponce is back. :D

    9. During the next few years I've literally had my hands full so time labels are somewhat lacking.

      Year 500
      the b-plot characters
      lots of bits about Tathans inteligent horse sprinkled about the episode
      5m the curse of Ponce!
      24m the pages for Blains project
      riding with saxons with no pay
      ~1:00 hunting party
      quest of the raven manor
      ~1:50 bandits in the woods
      witches of the tower

      Year 501
      ~45m shit talking Blains. Delightful.
      Queen kidnapped
      1:18 scottish voicework. nice
      1:25 Morgan's wedding
      1:40 black dogs
      1:45 apparitions
      2:04 damn dirty picts
      2:14 fisticuffs
      2:40 dirty picts again
      magical boar spear

      Year 502
      Prophecies for all
      1:00 black annis. creepy.
      1:40 bold statements from the saxons
      ~2:00 Concords giant
      Tathan's wedding feast

      Years 503-504
      Wolfram returns! Tragedy strikes.
      40m plans with Cornwall
      1:03 beasts in the water
      1:20 fall of sir Tathan
      1:42 Sir Aeron the chaste (I keep hearin him as Arryn)
      ~1:50 battle plans against saxon invasion
      2:36 the spearpoint (sans lube)

      Year 505
      16m Jade proclaims "Cynrain will live forever".
      ~1:00 swamp patrol
      1:20 lord douchebag of backwater manor
      1:40 an evil blade and lesson in humility
      2:06 the monks can handle it
      ~2:20 cynrain back in action
      2:45 saxon hero captured
      3:18 Ponce!

      Year 506
      12m Ponce's sister, ugmo
      39m the first tournament
      ~1:00 fun feast, Jaradan's courtesan
      1:15 squire on squire action
      ~1:30 Aeron goes mad, wolfram dominates, caradoc goes too far
      Meet Sir Archade
      2:10 the young monk at the wrong white horse
      pagan rites with lady of the lake

    10. Year 507
      38m sister jenna's vision
      ~1:00 big ol' giant
      1:15 the dragon
      wayyyyy too much dilly dallying
      ~1:50 the fight
      2:12 Sir Aeron regains his sanity
      2:24 freeing the giant
      2:35 roadblock.
      2:40 grim news of sarum

      Year 508
      17m Poncette
      58m Cormack has learned his lesson
      1:00 muster, new armor and meatshields
      1:12 Caradoc is served a cold dish of lance and is captured
      ~1:54 the smart horse
      1:59 Cynrains boy Cadfael shows up
      2:03 battle hysterics
      It's just too cute when Renae can't still can't figure out crits rolls. Luckily Dave is always there to help.
      2:24 presenting the rear
      2:30 save the king!
      2:39 Blains is dead

      Year 509/510
      32m yule log, saxon demands, strong words and loogies are exchanged
      41m wolfram knights young robert
      57m taking care of bandits
      1:34 aeron has an affair with cynrains wife
      2:00 young sir kay and his warty squire
      2:02 wolframs true love, damn those vows of celibacy
      2:15 sword from stone
      2:18 aloha, merlin is back from vacation

      510 continued
      Arthurs first battle as king
      ~45 chalonge the intelligent horse. always good fun.
      ~50 wolframs heroic squire
      1:07 battle hysterics
      ~1:45 mission to acquitane
      ~2:00 merlins big step. acquitane's army saves the day
      2:31 the sons of Lou
      ~2:40 guess who went mad again

      Year 511
      ~1:00 siege at newton tony
      1:38 sir aeron goes willingly.. or will he?
      Dave already gave up, but aeron fights on!
      ~2:05 Sir Hervis is one cold sob
      the man with the unhealing wound
      2:23 investigation at the jerkface manor
      2:32 delicious jeesus burn delivered by wolfram
      Wolfram saves the day by failing a passion and fumbling his attack.

      Year 512
      One of busiest year ever. So much going on.
      18m chalonge
      43m sir aeron's gaping wound
      Arthur makes a house call, revelations of parentage, archade pays the bill
      ~1:25 Jousting with Pellinore, excalibur broken, wolfram berates pellinore
      ~2:00 sir balin of two swords and a deuchy attitude, lady of the lake slain
      2:29 pellinor says sorry with 500 knights,
      malahaut taken

    11. Year 153
      ~14m warlords
      33m Chalonge passed away :(
      35m Hey, your wife just dies. You owe her family 100£
      Still shit talking Blains. Wonderful
      1:22 the distinction between northeners and northeners
      ~1:28 merlin drops some truth. balin makes an appearance
      ~1:50 attack on king idre, cadfael takes the kill. good genes on that one.
      2:59 enemy camp, victory
      King Lot shows up, but so does Pellinore
      Taking down king Falagantis(?)
      3:15 pellinore take down Lot

      Year 514
      Preparations are made
      ~40m royal wedding announced
      ~45 a tale of woe at the bridge, meet sir agravaine
      1:00 the mime
      Kay and Gawaine
      1:20 first seeing Guinevere
      ~1:36 spectacle at the wedding, a quest!
      2:21 sir percy vs sir agravaine. what a deuce
      2:29 the round table

      Year 515
      ~50 the orcneys deuce up the wedding feast
      ~1:40 arthur accused
      ~2:00 the treasures of brittain
      ~2:25 the suspicious abbey and the rapey nuns
      ~2:40 the delusional knight
      3:00 the lion and the serpent

      Year 515 continued
      Wolfram's lady love at the abbey
      "Lets take a boat"
      ~45 pirates
      1:27 "how many squire you got?"
      the fairy court and yet another side quest
      1:42 the horse eating giant and his happy brain song
      ~2:15 the treacherous maiden
      many ambushes
      ~3:35 back in the nick of time

      Year 516
      17m pms'ing royally
      33m archade brakes 10k. who would have thought dave could do it?
      35m edern's wedding. moosepig
      ~1:00 the hunt, the roman guest
      1:20 saxon!
      in our the camp!
      2:13 in their camp

      Year 517
      ~48 battle of lincoln. wolfram goes mad and disappears
      1:20 wolfram reappears and smashes the enemy single handedly
      1:30 the white knight
      1:40 the evil castle. ghost knights
      1:55 edern saves wolfram
      2:24 murderous emissaries from salisbury
      2:34 a basket of poison ch'arki

      Year 518
      ~45 it begins
      1:00 archade down, but not dead yet. why you no remember the bodyguards? why?
      1:37 wolfram's shield
      1:47 dave remembers the bodyguards...
      2:19 adwen fall, but is saved
      2:29 dragons
      3:06 cynrain rolls 7d6. that's some old man strength
      3:09 the final battle. a thriller every round.
      3:27 wolfram's demise and final declaration. epic.
      3:36 cynrain nearly taken
      3:38 adwen unconscious again
      3:40 fall of sweet sweet concord :(

    12. 519 interlude
      4m the rightful heir debate. I should have marked the precious instances, but didn't. someone go back about ~10 years and spot them.
      6m best of a bad situation, des's headcanon.
      11m sir pureheart

      Year 519
      38m piton chargers
      51 cynrains mission
      53 rightful heir
      57 cynrain is so modest
      ~1:00 sister lady jenna
      1:09 the overly excited sir pureheart
      1:14 red keep
      1:23 oh yeah, archade is on the round table too
      quest for the dragon
      the hermit
      2:10 dragons den
      2:27 why did it have to be so courteous
      2:42 sir balins tomb

      Year 520
      off to hunt dragons in the forest of dean
      ~58 the dolorous worm (wyrm? lets go with worm)
      the princess of dean
      1:20 the giant and the poison spear
      1:30 oooh, shiny!
      2:18 clever jack (they should've squire him then and there)
      ~2:37 the worm
      ~2:50 arthur needs a change of pants
      2:58 edern and malvis sing for the court

      Des's behind the scenes is fun to follow. Two great RP and adventure heavy episodes after a long line of battles is refreshing. 519 especially was very light hearted and full of puns and jokes.

    13. Year 521
      Morgan seduces Archade
      Reneas reaction to Percy's wife dying
      First look at Camelot
      ~55 siege perilous
      1:22 sleepytime barge
      1:30 sir dumbass. totally not a villain
      Oh sir archade...
      two excaliburs!
      Oh sir archade...
      2:14 let me roll that first aid
      2:16 arthur lays down the law
      falcon dealership
      2:24 the newton tony wing

      Year 522
      new weapons
      28m dual wielding flails
      40m nimue takes his boyfriend home
      1:00 the french merchant with many sons
      1:35 poison shopping in camelot
      ~2:14 the curse of the worm
      2:20 the perfect plan
      edern and the elder
      2:44 back alley jousting

      Year 523
      Malvis makes a "friend"
      ~1:20 the wailing ladies
      1:26 sacred oath
      village of idiots
      the hag and the boy
      2:30 the giant of the tower and his bride

      Year 524
      sir Purehearts lysty adventure
      44m the severely wounded knight
      hunt for pellinore's murderer continues, his sons think it was gawaine, challenge issued
      ~1:15 Tourney with jousting. Malvis is rocking it for lady gaill, but edern takes the cake. Good passes and nice details. particularly edern v malvis.
      ~2:11 the mystery squire
      Malvis moves in with her lady
      2:11 knight of the lake grabs all the quests
      ~2:30 one big f-ing pig
      2:57 97 damage on sir pureheart. ouch.
      Lancelot finds his name and cleans the quest roster.

      loving all the squire scrote bits. sorry I didn't mark it, but was unable to reach for phone most of the day.

      Year 525
      quest for the comatose earl
      des's new character, the sarasen introduced
      1:19 sir jack nicholson
      quest of the ivy tower
      ~1:45 looking for the princess of dean
      2:07 malvis has a hard time deciding
      lancelot again cleans the quest board
      2:33 the wonder
      romans demand tribute, arthur gives war

      Year 526
      Rashid's lady
      15m "I didn't want that"
      23m Branwen will keep you regular
      Malvis's lady marries
      ~55 the army ships off to france
      1:08 the king is missing
      1:28 meeting the emperor
      Rashid the reckless
      pursuit, mace to the face
      2:25 engagement, fight with enemy leader
      2:27 the death of Sir Aerrand (Errand?) poor Dave...
      meet sir gerard, hi gerard
      Rashid knighted by arthur and named Sir Morien

      Year 527
      Meet Sir Larock (or whatever he was, can't fing him on the wiki), yet another Dave character
      12m Morien in the street, Rashid in the sheets
      A saucy battle
      1:02 Larock bites the dust...
      1:30 glory record: edern 3268 + annual. wowza
      1:52 battle of milan
      ~2:35 the bounties of rome
      edern the champion
      sir gerard (also not on the wiki) the melancholy, was it 30+ weeks in rome?
      ~3:00 rashid romances his lady

    14. Year 528
      Des/Rashid freaking out about Lady Branwen all winter phase and spring.
      Melancholia at the tourney and bro love
      ~55 off to find some quests while waiting for the tourney of Marlborough, bad dreams
      The bard is back
      1:15 The village from the dream
      a big mouthed peasant
      Mr. Grobaduke, the not-a-real-knight, top heavy like a toddler. Good puns all through the fight.
      2:00 at marlborough at last
      2:08 "Bitch, no! You did not just say that"
      2:21 Failed passions on the first roll of the tourney. Morien is crushed. Edern has a plan and proceeds to be an unstoppable crit machine.
      The cheat!
      2:36 Ederns plan. Bromanship
      2:38 The meeting
      Oh no... Tragedy
      Edern and Rune cover it up
      "I didn't want that" "It's the Pendragon way"

      The third player on this episode are Dave's dice. So pretty, so alluring, so deadly.

      One of the best episodes ever. Full of high spirits and tragedy.

      Year 529
      Lots of weird stuff happened in the lost beginning. Malvis had a child with another woman during a pagan ritual? Wut?

      5m Edern has a love passion of 30?
      17m is that poem around somewhere?
      28m the kings plan. the head of a god
      42m tale of the head
      ~1:00 the head speaks
      everyone is attacking at once
      1:05 "It's time for blood, Hilda."
      1:34 "Will I die on round 4. Likely"
      1:37 unstoppable Edern is stopped after first charge! rules minion to the rescue!
      2:02 The Wolfram maneuver
      Lancelot makes peace terms
      Cynrains big party
      Blood on the dance floor, Leander keeps failing while impassioned.

      Year 530
      Guest appearance of Scott
      The rules of love
      36m Father!!!
      On the Irish shores
      57m Good enough to brain an irishman
      1:31 sir Ira Glass
      1:34 Dave is saging his dice... aaaand it didn't work... aaaand his squire fails.
      1:57 Arthurs quest for the cauldron begins. Sir Gerard follows with only one foot. Folly I tell you
      ~2:30 Bran's hall
      Tasty mead is sampled
      2:44 Strong words are exchanged
      2:56 Malvis is dead. RIP. Wormbane lost.
      Dodinus dies
      Gerard is saved by his missing foot! Huzzah!
      Sagramore, drunk and driven mad by the loss of his love charges the king!
      Gerard is killed. Well rude.
      Sagramore bashes the king, but is killed by his bodyguards.
      Finally, Edern is brought down.

      The epic love between sagramore and dodinus told through the episode is the real story here.

      Year 531
      New knights, wonderful Kermit voices.
      Ederns daughter is marrying a Saxon knight. Meet Sir Sigebryht, the self hating saxon
      Fashion faux pas and saxon bashing at the feast.
      1:05 against the rebellion of Chamille (?)
      1:09 The swamp of sadness, but don't let the name fool you... :D
      Leander gushing about his lady love. The desperation is bound to lead the whole thing into a tragic end. You're summoning it Des!
      1:18 the keep
      1:29 I've been pining real hard
      walking bushes, companions captured
      1:42 lady Nimue
      All captured, in the dungeon. it's a bore-off between Leander and Sawel.
      More knights captured
      2:30 the great escape
      2:52 boss fight
      3:03 Gawaine. What a guy.

      Year 532
      18m Daig gets into a hammer fight with Sir Hammer and claims the title.
      47 lets get some fucking birds out
      The court of love. Great voice work
      ~1:15 royal guests, King Today and his retinue
      1:34 Sawel and the "nun" in the chapel
      1:57 Dave's abysmal luck continues and he fucks up Agrawaine's horse. I'm sure he'll forget that soon.
      Quest for Logrin the giant
      2:24 discussion on dave's character building strategies
      2:30 Brother!
      Giant slain, meeting the robber knight and Mordred
      2:54 the curious young boy...

    15. It's been a while. I finished the last episode this morning. Some of my notes decided to vanish from evernote and I had to recreate them from memory and skipping through the episode. I won't be spellchecking the names so they will be what they sounded like to me. :)

      Year 533
      17m the mystery of the journeymen finally solved
      dice rolling techniques of the masters
      miniature painting saved your marriage
      28m just a reminder, talk of returning CoC characters for Orient
      57m Leanders crappy wife
      Jen recounting of Sawel meeting the "nun"
      1:11 Leander fumbles
      1:16 the black knight on a quest and many other fay encounters Daig meet his dad.
      ~1:40 pentecost tourney, sigebryht wins jous
      1:50 agrawaine challenges daig, crit to the face, lady loorette to the rescue
      Leanders epic duel with Tristram
      2:20 queens knights, escort quest
      2:25 Sawuels request
      2:27 leander and the yellow knight
      Tourney of the elephant
      2:59 lady chaweina? needs a champion

      Year 534
      18m poor leaders wife
      37m mandatory court of love
      1:09 Jerk Hervis
      1:14 quest to reclaim jerk hervis' favor by killing sir turquin. thanks mordred.
      1:20 in to the forest
      the headless dog and mad sir daig
      filthy saxons
      2:00 oh daig
      2:28 oh daig... huggiehug
      daig v agravaine armor challenge
      leander rocks the joust, daig is victorious!

      Year 535 pt. 1
      42 earl roberts son is marrying leanders amor
      improvements to salisbury, secret tunnels
      disaster in reinland
      woods of wagon
      1:05 quest for the howling demon of sommerset, couldn't find a nice demon
      ~1:14 enthusiastic welcome at bath, but subdued feeling in court
      1:27 what noise? I head nothing.
      ~1:35 the goblin mens fruity stains on her chin and bodice
      1:50 fairy market
      trade for the lady's soul, a chirclet in the cave
      2:20 two ugly giants
      the test of fire
      2:45 surprice twist
      leanders swanky tapestry
      2:56 oh daig...
      leanders love potion

      Year 535 pt. 2
      ~8m love potion schenanigans
      15m leander joins the round table
      ~33 leander fumbles app
      double wedding fun
      57m a mystery knight looking for challenge, the basket knight
      percivals great deeds, kays shame, smug dwarves
      1:25 is Orlond around? does she see me?
      leander the love sick deuche
      ~1:37 a lovely gift for the queen
      1:48 5 ladies, 5 quests
      ~2:40 kay gets what's coming, never fuck around with a melancholy juggernaut.

      Years 536 & 537
      12m leander scores a love wife passions. ha!
      Oh no daig...
      24m count daig
      war in france
      poor tormented lancelot
      1:07 my champion vs your least glorious knight, sounds fair
      1:17 daig the hound dog. married, concubine and still has affairs. wife leaves for nunnery.
      1:46 notorious D.A.I.G.
      new rules of love, generating the nun for jen, discussion on ideas of romance
      2:14 the grand court of love
      2:50 daig brought his concubine to the tourney
      2:59 leander fails in spectacular fashion

      Will post more later.

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    17. Year 538 & 539 part 1
      All ladies
      Jen gets smart horses for knight and lady
      8m leanders enemy is going down like a clown
      Des's lady get married
      ~50 queen goes maying, armored knights follow, sir meliodeuche!, kidnapped
      ~1:10 brought to a tower, jen throws a dagger, cattines and schenanigans
      ~1:16 Escape attempt
      1:30 lancelot
      Queen accused
      Meliograns slain
      Winter phase
      2:01 leander jousts for a month for his amor
      2:24 court of love, asking for a friend
      Percival returns
      2:37 a most hideous woman enters court and berates percival

      Year 539 part 2
      Roasted frog legs and whatnot
      The opulent tent and it strange dwarven host. The master is conspicuosly abscent
      The knight who would not bleed
      ~45 two knights with similar heraldry
      56 the adventure in the frog court begins
      Ah, sir longhop of puddlejump.
      1:06 "we've sent emissaries to camelot, but none have returned...
      Feast at puddlejump, the terrible beast
      Fight with the heron
      1:33 Triumphant return, religious debate about sex with animals, sawel infatuated with the frog princess
      1:39 tiny turney
      1:48 sawel flirts with the princess while jade is dying, and marries her
      ~2:15 bonus character creation session for Malvis

      Year 540
      Sir Daig renouncing his countship
      27 leander finally got rid of the wife, intense love soloing follows and as per usual he fails. "This is my life now" and only son dies as well.
      The king is missing! Headbashing ensues
      1:12 "god I'm unlikable"
      Leander teams up with Mordred after learning they should search forest oroyo
      1:24 fresh grave and a small leanto
      1:29 cemetary and knocked over headstones
      Stinky Hyenas
      1:47 the rules are still a little hazy for some. :)
      Hyenas again in the night, mordred felt too tired to watch
      2:13 kings work
      2:19 chef showtime and his helpers
      2:26 the lady of the sunflower, daig and leander decide to stick around since they have nothing to live for. :P

    18. Year 541
      Renae is back! New character generation. Antrep(?)
      30 i knew i wasn't a bad gm
      35 still confused with the sunflower lady
      36 thats not how the tapestry shows it
      ~56 daig has really found his sweet spot with the sunflower lady
      Sick burns on the king and queen
      ~1:05 nimue frees daig from servitude
      1:10 Following the slime trail
      Nimue in trouble, lone knight vs 3 + lady. Morgan?
      Puns and jokes flying left and right
      Off with her head
      1:51 back in camelot
      2:05 feel bad for your choices in life
      Crazy rich rewards, perry knighted, antrep married.
      2:48 wishing well

      Year 542
      Retcon, athrep now Percys son gracien
      Daves decadent dice test
      32m note passing :)
      ~1:00 gracien challenges leander, that loveable asshole.
      1:19 more notes, gracien is up to something, buuuuut is struck down in melee to -9 :(
      1:24 leander was having relations with graciens wife
      ~1:46 mordred the deuche
      ~1:55 agravaine cheats and nearly kills daig during joust
      2:08 the ugliest knight
      The lady kidnapped by foul scoundrel
      Returned, but purity questioned by priest
      2:40 tale of the bed that only the pure may sleep in
      2:49 castle of the leperous lady
      Sir ewain challenges the son, a pompous ass, and a bear, a wolf, a farmer.... Also killer of sir Ewain.
      3:02 and the lady dies "i cant believe i married you"
      Dave swears off the newton tony line

      Year 543 pt. 1
      ~20 leanders love mess. "Why was I mad at her again?"
      24 daig starts amoring loorette
      The reason for leanders poor dex is revealed
      Sir bleoboris challenges leander to quest of the circle of gold
      ~1:00 meeting sir pace
      1:19 entering the kingdom of the circle of gold
      The first challenge. Leander kills a knight.
      ~1:55 Campfire chatter
      Second challenge, leander downed
      2:16 daig uses rules lawyer, its super effective

      Year 543 pt 2
      Sir Pleoberis shows up, Perry in tow. Shit talking ensues. (He wears a wig)
      50 sir perry rescues the fachan
      Scheming at the camp
      1:01 "as usual, the irish have lead you down a primrose path to destruction" "it's all about the journey"
      1:06 the place of bright magic
      Relaxing baths, hot chicks and tasty food
      1:29 strange foul smelling place
      1:35 companions find that bleobaris has succeeded and very disingenious congratulations are given
      ~2:15 tourney, mystery knight is kicking ass and handing out pamphlets

    19. Ok, now I'm just dumping the rest. There will be lots of spelling mistakes as I'm putting these down on the go at work, on walks etc.

      Year 544
      Tourney circuit, pentecost effed with lancelot and tristan present
      50 second tourney, daig goes mad, sir backup goes mad...
      1:00 dave keeps failing, 12 on aging roll, fumble on first aid. Jen: what a sport, i'd be in my car crying
      Dave puts couple more backups on the table and into the hospital tent
      1:34 "dont cry for me"
      ~1:50 impromptu tourney of friendship, marks swearsh homage, lamerack wins the joust set up for orkneys and is later found in bed with queen margosa
      2:10 marks of the kingdom in trouble

      So many tournamnets. Dave total: 2 mad knights, 5 characters played. New record!

      Year 545
      19m My lifes in ruins and i feel lile an ass, must be love
      39m kings announcement, tourney in fey lands
      ~1:25 the trip to king todays court begins
      Tathan out-jousts king arthur, but just fails to win against king today

      Aufio glitch and grand melee is lost, but daig went mad again, sigebryht had a tennis match with king today fressed as björn borg, on theway home the companions forgot to tue horses together and got lost in time for several years

      Year 547 gen con special
      Dave rolled a 14hp character...
      The oldknights inheritance
      35 duel for the testament, dave brings out the religious fanaticism.
      Dave trying to kill his character. Face meeeee!
      Sir Tigre the kitty
      Sit mommas boy cant get married because mom says no. Plot to knight thesquire and marry him off to the lady
      1:07 lancelits son!?
      1:17 shut up dave. Dont talk about my dice.
      Crazy sir dave still trying to get himself killed, but manages to survive the joust
      1:47 the young squire goes mad in front of the king
      Best madness ever! Land and a letter of introduction
      ~2:00 lancelot went mad and is missing, hefty glory for finder
      2:12 fuck off peasants
      2:27 you can't just use random amounts of dice
      2:34 imagine if you roll four fives!
      2:42 peace out

      Years 544-551 the leander special
      17 she hate wooing me back!
      21 finally down to rf 1 after 2 crits
      Back to 2 the 3
      43 Love on the solo, fumble on amor. Dammit leander. But he makes it! And wont consumate... Cock tease.
      56 whats in the booooox
      Love is consumated and discovered by husband who turns out to be gay. A son is born
      1:54 it's me
      Mordred proclaims himself arthurs son and proceeds to deuche up the feast
      The land is dying
      2:18 tristan and isolde picncking amont the dead and starving
      Ship down to cornwall
      Rescue of lady malia(?)
      2:40 lets create a distaction
      Explosion! King marks treatchery

      15 tearstains on your char sheet, must be pendragon
      25 Once you leander, you dont meander
      Journeyman of the guild of gigolos
      Sir daigs duel with agrawaine. Rip.
      Christmas in camelot, lancelot returns
      Leander challenges agrawaine, but it is postponed
      Mordreds parentage cpnfirmed
      ~1:50 fertility treatments for the queen
      Ti thefey market!
      2:06 piggy knight
      2:14 the mudbaths
      2:32 the piggy feast. Leander fumbles his hospitability
      2:40 calegsris gives an impassioned speech and fumbles hospitability and joins leander in jail
      Perry saves the day
      Companions leave and emerge from the kingdom weeks later
      2:53 the duel finally, leander pops him in one

    20. Year 553
      Cynrains little thing
      43 leanders spectacullar fumble in camelot followed by another one
      ~1:25 pentecost melee. Epic fight beteween perry and caludaris. Self hit with 2h flail.
      Chevalier sans memorie
      1:34 i beg to differ sir
      Giant black dwarf and dwarf white giantess
      1:49 quest quest quest
      Meeting cynrain
      2:10 the wurm
      2:18ish hail giant
      2:31 paganism is all the visgra you neef
      Cynrain v perry? Nice knowing you
      He remembers! Assault on sir osana. To horse!

      Year 554
      29 siege perilous
      The other sword in the other stone
      Sir Galahad
      51 leander fumbnles honor
      Emperor yesterday
      Fucking feastus interruptus
      58 angelic choirs and shit
      Everyone on the grail quest, clan cynrain rides forth
      1:18 sir aerrons admonition
      1:57 castle of maidens. Hahahaa, Fuck you all!
      ~2:20 bridge of memories
      The frozen knight, calagarris gets some land
      ~2:50 the lady in the pot, castle of adventure
      ~3:00 cursed castle of the black hermit
      Everyone falls to the curse, calagaris and perry slain

      Years 555 ladies & 557 usual gang
      Renaes lady married to old jeridan, got 4 kids, one died in plague. Enotional roller coaster.
      ~30 pagent
      Duality tournament, lord of the dance
      KingMarks invasion
      Fleeing to camelot
      1:21 audience with the king
      1:30 assault on theinfernal engine :(
      1:40 ladies depart to parlay
      Lady melias Sacrifice, Explosion
      Companions at thehermits castle grow more decrepit
      Percival to the rescue
      2:18 kill the hermit!
      2:18 the load bearing boss, cynrain must be saved!
      2:39 tourney of the dead
      3:00 soring returning!

      Year 558
      Everyone makes their way down camelot way
      1:14 a bit of falconry
      Hebes wins the joust unhorsing leander! Well done dave
      ~1:30 Hebes gets a visit from a beaver
      Sir longhop!
      Leander, you ignorant slut
      1:46 silberty hill
      2;11 Battle ofkleopolis
      2:32 leander rip, unless
      2:49 turanus fumbles passion. Cracra.
      ~3:00 Charge vs enemy commander after crit battleroll. Hebes takes the kill.
      3:12 obrrons offer

    21. Here evernote wiped my notes twice, no time stamps..

      Years 559-60
      Orkney deuchebaggery
      Island of dr giant
      Manticore slayers
      Blood tourney with the orkneys
      Sigebryht is melee champion
      Drama at tathans bedside
      After 2:45
      Sigebryht cleaves a knight
      Tathan duels a bastard brother

    22. Year 561
      The lost notes
      Looking for cynrain, The quest of yhe dolorous women.
      59 the bower
      1:12 the belligerent knight in stocks
      1:47 the castle
      2:14 the funky marsh
      The giant beaver and and tye thirsty tree
      2:33 Poor tathan rip

      Year 562
      18 pentecost follies
      Fey passion is a bitch
      40 queen accused
      Leander tries to marry lady anne, but forgot the court date
      58 the inhospitable marshfield manor
      1;11 thank you for cursing me
      Leander accused of murder, investigation
      1:53 tyranus' special diplomacy. Hold the cross, threaten with hell, torture, killing.
      "Show her the finger!"
      2:11 hot stewardship action
      Just a nibble
      Orkney plots, killer cook
      Ladies day tournament

      Year 563-564
      12 leanders arthridis
      Wouldnt be a virtue test without swearing
      Sigebryhts daughter
      59 testify!
      1:10 its just beginning my friend
      1:16 agracane de-handed, poor hebes is too drunk to flee. Rip.
      1:30 queen sentenced to death
      1:43 The rescue!
      Sir Perrin slain in his nightshirt
      Let the jimmies rustle through you
      Siege at lancelots castle
      2:06 battle of dolorous guard
      Leander v gawaine, rip leander
      Lancelot spares arthur, but is exiled.
      Siege in france
      News of arthurs death, mordred assumes the crown and plans to marry queen
      3:00 escorting the queen, sir kay!
      Siege of london
      3:10 never question lancelots honor
      3:14 mordred burns the round table

      Year 565
      Tyranus gets a curse, dave loses armor
      29 trump jokes, i might cast that...
      34 poor gawain
      41 the cynrain clan. Amazing.
      47 peace talks, fucked
      Bring out the shampagne
      Rip gondrins (rpberts boy)
      Rip cynfan
      Rip tyranus
      1:50 destriers for all
      Rip jeridan
      2:12 percival and the grail knights
      ~2:45 zombie blains kills cynrain
      ~2:45 arthur slayes mordred, sigebryght disposes of excalibur, arthur departs

      errybody ded.

    23. Hindsight being what it is... About 3/4 done I had a plan formulated on how to take proper notes. I should've set categories to look out for and marked each episode with good one-liners, group effort, important story elements and so on, but I wasn't about to go back and start again.

      Now, my personal favorite things:
      Cormack was great. His former squire Sir Ponce was great. Chalonge the intelligent horse was funny and I wish I'd marked spots with him down more accurate.

      Everything Dave did turned into tragedy. That's one epic tragic story. Daig being the highlight.

      Morian in the streets, Rashid in the sheets. That shit was so tragic. Also, Leander being a lovesick deuche was fun.

      Wolfram's death scene.

      The early back and forth's about young Robert. There's one in 519 but I didn't put down the earlier ones. Funny.

      Anyway, was fun going back. First semester of college coming to and end and this has been a welcome distraction at times. Nice to reset the old brain with something fun. What next? Deadlands revisit?

  3. I'll never forget the lawn party from early Pendragon, where the entire session was the PKs sitting outside, watching their lessers dig things up out of the ground. An interesting (if anachronistic) touch.

  4. all of David S.'s deaths in Pendragon. That's it.

    Okay my actual favorites.

    First off "Sir Cynrain killed the devil!" from the grail quest.

    David S. losing a half-generated character against Lancelot.

    Wulfram begging forgiveness from a cruel manor lord, and it succeeding.

    Sir Caligaris revealing that he is a seventh son.

    Kangi Taken-Alive's line "I know how to skin a wolf" as a threat.

    Anything involving Son of a Bitch farting :D

    1. two more.

      Cynrain seeing Mavis and his son singing after recovering Mavis, and a tear coming to his eye.

      Any time that a PC got a wife and dowdry and then promptly had them die in childbirth.

    2. and when Daig convinced a giant he was his brother with a crit deceitful roll

  5. So I went and re-listened Deadlands. It was good.

    Character creation
    3m i wanna start kicking ass. Best man speach.
    9m taking off the corset of cthulhu

    Ep 1
    On the train
    10 under attack
    34 fanatical barebackers
    Into the tunnel
    1:35 meeting Hellström

    Ep 2
    Braking throughto californie
    Assaulted by orientals
    41 steam cars, gatlings and bluehaired muscle men
    1:06 damn ninjas
    1:38 arrival at lost angels
    ~1:50 Into the city, sneaking about, fleeing the guard
    ~2:10 the chase
    Escaoe from lost angels
    Nukes away

    Ep 3
    Story of des' traumatic experience
    45 sanitarium
    The good doctor sandy, er sanderson petersen
    1:06 meet salazar & bruce
    1:37 soggoth, i mean new flesh
    Quad jogging in place waiting for the others
    Dynamite is the solution to everything
    Back to hellströms camp
    2;12 hellström negotiates exclusive trade deal with tye reverend
    2:20 welcome to perdition

    Ep 4
    Lacie is back!
    33 miss dora bowman!!!
    47 magical adventure of friendship
    51 scruffy dont care
    Making rounds, making impressions
    1:59 quads ladyfriend arriving
    2:30 deputy doc on thr case

    Ep 5
    Renae joining the adventure
    14 gm scoffing at boaating skill
    37 spill the beans
    52 the house of horrors
    Missing son
    further investigation
    1:21 the demon
    Punch and pie social
    Reyurn to the house of horrors. Doc macgyvers the shit out of a safe
    Mob at the jailhouse howling for blood, quad is one cold bastard.
    2:30 miss lily calms the mob with her womanly ways
    2:39 lacies proposition, explorers society

    1. Ep 6
      38 game start
      45 taking the boat tp shan fan
      ~1:03 getting the lay of the land
      Miss lily is a delight. Renae delivers perfectly.
      Explorers society burnt, meeting marshal tony
      1:45 the show
      1:56 meeting the explorers
      Mr Dillinger
      2:00 adventure for captain pennington-smythe
      2:15 riding for big ears tam
      2:20 lily charming her way in and into bigears' heart. Well done renae.
      Tea with Tam and a lunchtime performance tomorrow
      Captains location discovered

      Ep 7
      11 jades weird dreams
      12 heading into thin noodles ma'd joint
      Des's player knowledge vs character knowledge rant. Totally agree.
      22 planning
      Wind machine in action
      1:01 Are we sill pussies david
      Lily down, everyone bruised up, but victorious
      1:19 untie captain smythe and book it
      1:30 location of the amulet
      Race against the tong to the cave
      1:43 guts rolls, floor full of broken corpses, a golem appears,
      Recovery of the amulet, glowing runes, nuke the site from orbit
      ~2:15 joining the order

      Ep 8
      7 all aboard the nightingale
      20 bit of gambling
      24 lets hit the buffet, ghost maggots in the taters
      32 the wet lady
      36 weird date on the paper
      47 departing at sacramemti, station master bewildered, you mean i lost 12 dollars in ghost poker,
      57 mining company offering reward for finding makers of ghostrot
      Investigation, questioning witnesses, fighting crazed soldies
      1:45 Capture soldier gives up the supplier
      Hellström industries! Da da daaaaa!
      2:05 confronting dr carr
      Lily lights some fireworks
      2:31 word from pennington smythe

      Ep 9
      10 the ghost toilet
      Aboard a maze runner headed to shan fan
      Boarded by mexican navy soldiers
      ~30 Meeting at with smythe
      Some doofus lost the key to their vault to big ears tam
      51 lily does a numbet on old tammy
      Gambling with mahjong.
      1:01 all the winners need to take a shot, flirting
      1:18 returning to town with the key
      The special quest bonus items specially useful for each character. 😃
      Circumventing 8 pages of adventure.
      Opening the vault, more mysterious runes, hints towards the island of ghost tears
      Summoned to perdition
      Quick jaunt to the island
      1:47 arriving at the island, crazy crow, hermit
      Loots of ghosts
      2:11 chat with a menacing ghost
      Spill the beams again 😃
      The pavilion and ghost lady (mang?), destroy the wolf and i shall help you.
      2:26 meanwhile, kangee is running around looking for the hermit...

      Ep 10
      Loot crate arrived
      22 back into action
      27 ok now into action
      Kangee vs the wolf
      50 burning the corpse, closure for the ghosts
      Nights rest and boat ride to perdition
      1:15 lily spots a familiar face at the docks
      1:37 arrival in perdition
      I need you to brake into The Rock
      Plan, cap fat, shopping montage
      1:58 plan in motion
      2:14 entering the sewer
      Ghost rock generator, chuckie-bill, hellman, jim and stumpy
      Escape and camp

    2. Ep 11
      7 hellman speaks

      49 jericho the maze dragon
      Heading to Progress to drop off hellman and catch a boat
      59 is jimmy a snitch?
      1:02 weird noise, a hole, prof wandergrif, more runes, revelations about the rune sites, an elemental
      1:28 rolling into progress
      ~1:36 all aboard
      1:51 saucy jack!
      Meeting the indians, born-in-a-bowl kidnapped, rescue party
      Spooky moaning indian corpses strung up
      The shaman of the rattle snake clan

      Ep 12
      Manitou, just like in real life
      Fight with papa rattlesnake continues
      1:12 not chucky bill!
      1:55 doc dies, but is brought back with jens card
      Looootsa fighting still. Litle dolls wreck shit.
      ~2:25 born in a bowl takes one for the team

      Ep 13
      Remember to make blomdies for horror
      Nobody knows if doc's ok, since jade is playing both sides
      20 some light gambling on the boat, kangee finally winning, foc caight cheating
      ~28 neat duel mechanic
      New doc is a cold son of a gun
      47 dropping off borninabowl
      1:00 jimmy the werewolf
      1:31 aproaching journeys end, strange rock formations
      1:55 among the charnel pits, i should've gone with jim
      2:01 giant praying mantis made of bones
      Book it back to perdition, reduced the fear level

      Ep 14
      Heading to return seesfaraways skull
      Visions of reverend grimms origin
      Plan to end the reign of terror
      ~40 battle
      44 origin of battle cat
      1;01 giant octopus
      1:12 20k leagues under the sea realness. Drag race showing. 😃
      1:18 back in shan fan, trip to ghodt tear island
      Doc ghosts out, revenan are so coool, lily has a heart attack, giggle attacks, new hints
      1:50 visiting doom town, jade pulls out another game breaker card 😀
      2:07 a note, more clurs, creack on the porch, the caretaker
      2:22 swindleeeer...
      Fight wity the mysterious menacing apparation
      2:39 angry mob appears

      Ep 15
      14 quad lights a match
      48 saucy jacks unfortunate erection
      1:08 caretaker gone
      The "abandoned" mining colony
      Parchment with rituals
      1:29 hidden passage
      Cyclops and flying jumpkicks
      Long fight, rubblr to clear
      2:05 hey, i'll just ghost through the rock
      The caretaker! Slug people, rune
      Jades clever plan to smear tye rune and bring down the cave

    3. Ep 16
      Dropping in on smythe
      Word of burning mans cave and possible purate treasure
      Kang offered bounty after island blew up
      51 gang of pirates
      1:12 windstrom
      1:36 that was one tough pirate lady
      1:44 oops, it was warlord kangs girlfriend
      1:52 the cave
      I feel like we've been here for an hour
      Ghost doc burst in fire, tons of damage. Oops
      Another way in, a bastard of a climb.
      A whole mess of molten gold!
      2:30 petrellus mining system to the rescue
      Return to perdition, 20 on fear reduction
      2:44 a flight of guardian angels

      9 outhouse log
      18 lily goes berserk
      21 kangee fans the hammer, after much fumbling with bonuses and dice rolls 4 enemies are down
      36 lily is cold. Love it.
      I think they weresupposed to interrogate the guardian angel, but instead spend 10 minutes having a shit talking session in front of him. 😃
      55 docs miracle
      Heading down to mexicali
      1:14 pursuit
      1:29 theexploding horse gag
      1:48 the saddle sores
      2:04 dino-lizard-things, quadnearly dies, but is saved through the miracle of doc
      Bunch of mexicali zombie soldiers
      2:24 ranch of struth, saucy jacks friend, guard duty at the ghost rock claim
      2:50 whole army of mexican zombies heading north

      Daves first appearance + guest star Susan.
      ~50 tale of victor tundra
      Plans to blow up thezombie factory
      Into the tunnels, is the tapping sound benevolent or malicious?
      ~1:25 creepy large headed childsized creepsters
      Doc dissappears, extansive note passing, the revenant is in charge
      ~2:05 dave being dave, failing left and right
      2:16 it's hissing!
      2:34 back together
      Zombies in mexicali

      To recap: Good stuff, shitty audio, we want more susan

      Ep 19
      41 back at struths, riders on the horizon
      Mexican edward james olmos and a couple danny trejos looking for a live bait shop
      1:01 vicrors tearfull goodbye with sonofabitch
      Blowing and rowing to stanleys bait and curio
      1:11 the curios, santa anas leg, the man himself shows up, magic leg
      Notebook decoded
      1;55 back in mexicali for the rune
      Jim is back, new suit, lots of whiskey
      2;38 in the mine tunnels, more "orphans" and narrow misses

      Ep 20
      Boating off to the next rune, victor at the helm
      ~45 crashed chinese junk north of lost angels, glowing with arcane energy, everyone is suddenly very hungry
      Crew emaciated, huge hulking man-beast sleeping inside
      1:00 plans to kill it, dynaite naturally
      1;04 never look back, beast rising from the blaze, gritgate ( you only tell them each tine :P), quickie cabe/glyph.
      1:20 doc falls asleep, wakes with a vision of the angel in the next cave
      If dynamite s wrong i dont want to be right
      Headin to progress, lily being lily in the saloon
      ~2 getting a ride
      2:14 entering the angel cave, the chained angel, the three items
      Ghost doc is a great trap springer
      2:30 what back to back aces sound like
      Doc again saves the day
      ~2:45 doc blesses the demon
      Only lily comes up. 😃

    4. Ep 21
      13 i just want you lily
      27 clear!
      37 arrival at richmond, sounds go dull
      44 love at first mustache
      Surly shopkeep, weird synchronized stairing, the barber has some interesting books, beings from beyond the stars
      1:14 clever use of a card reveals the barber is also an alien!
      1:24 surprice twist. The snake-oil salesman is buddies with the barber-alien
      Ooooh brain canisters. mi-go!
      Kill me! Kill me!
      1:57 doc bursting through a mi-go like athena
      Bringing down the main mine cavern, doc protects oliver the barber
      Further into the cavers
      2:44 the portal
      Ton of dynamite through the portal and high tail out of the mine

      Ep 22
      The townsfolk approach with torches
      Missing time, doc will ghost to the final rune, Gm switcewroo
      46 jim and son-of-a-bitch. "You've changed"
      1;00 heading to town.
      Tales of woe, missing people
      A little boy snatched
      1:29 "got the hand!"
      Meeting the congregation
      All aboard the red herring express, destination coastal caves. Choochoo.
      1:57 "there been no make-out parties for nigh on 5 years"
      2:14 bundles of seaweed
      Compass with initials E.F.
      2:28 a torch wielding mob
      2:34 sonofabitch is misssing. Noooooooo!
      Motherfucking cannibals
      Wereshark on werewolf action
      I wish you guys had another manitou card to bring back sonofabitch
      3:23 victor cauterises a wound

      Ep 23
      31 no, you cant send victor in and snipe him
      Smythe, dillinger and doc show up
      Lily draws blood, earth quakes,
      1:13 elementals burst out to protect lily
      Council of 13 and grimm attack
      1:26 villainous verbosity and spill the beans. Neat combo. 😃
      1;35 shaunesy whips lily, lily goes berserk
      2:09 beg for your life
      Silence for the genius
      She's never satisfied
      2:41 oh dave... Victor bites the dust
      2:46 oh shit, kangee pulls out high noon card
      Kangee goes down
      2:59 tsunami lands on top of the city, doc ghosts

    5. So there it is, typos and everything. Most of that was typed while walking the dog or driving a forklift so there's quite a bit of them.

      My favorite character was Lily. Renae did a spectacular job portraying her.

      Some of my favorite moments were:
      Ep3: Quad jogging in place while the others catch up
      Ep4: Miss Dora Bowman announced
      Ep6: lots of good Lily bits
      Ep7: Are we still pussies David?
      Ep9 Lily charms Tam, again
      Ep13 how new doc handles conflicts
      Ep14 Swindler...
      Ep15 Saucy Jack's unfortunate erection
      Ep17 Lily is cold. Damn.
      Ep19 Lily at the shop. :D
      Ep20 If dynamite is wrong, I don't want to be right, Doc blesses the demon
      Ep21 Lily and the pilot. Ohhhh miss Lily.
      Ep22 Got the hand! Make out parties.
      Ep23 "No, you can't send in Victor and snipe him" Berserk Lily vs Shaunesy. Dave's character dying without his help.

    6. So awesome! Thanks for doing all this (and suffering through the dodgy audio...).

    7. No problem. After doing the Pendragon notes my brain defaults to pausing and opening evernote whenever something cool happens. :) Had to actively stop myself from doing that when catching up with A!C.

      The audio was alright for the most part. The volume tended to drift somewhat so they could use some leveling, but it's not a major issue unless you're like me and listening to them on the road or in the cabin of a forklift. :P

      It's really just that one episode, but no amount of leveling will fix that. It's nice that it's still listenable for completeness sake. Rather have that than a lost episode.

  6. Oh, I forgot I listened some other episodes too.

    I don't have time stamps from Dave's World of Darkness sessions, but Jade's character Rich is a treasure. He's littered all over the episodes. Also, the Burger Shack was funny in episode 3 or 4. And Brendan's Scruffy. He does wonderful characters.

    Zombi episode 3
    2:40 David's bike messenger character.
    Also around that time there was a Dave character that only lit more and more cigarettes for new character bursting into the scene.

    Dungeon World was boiled down brilliantly: Snark and Loot. Around 10m Des is agonizing over race selection and Jen has a solution.

  7. I needed some more Larkins & Co in my life so I went through Night Witches again. Very good stuff. The highlights were in episode 2:
    ~1:30 "Very boyish. I like that" Just lay back and think of the mission pool.
    ~2:30 "It gets lonely in here." Lay back and think of Popov.