Wednesday, February 15, 2017

[Esoteric Order Duets] "I Remember California" (Hunter: The Demon's Mirror)

Karen has risen from the grave and a do-or-die confrontation rushes towards Amy like a hurricane of blood and fangs.

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  1. [Spoiler warning! This is yet another episode that it's definitely worth listening to without knowing anything about what's going to happen. But if you listened to last week, you probably know that already.]

    Typical idiot plotting by the showrunners. Amy has Aaron at her mercy, and she doesn't kill the evil piece of scum then and there, just because they want to keep him alive to please all the drooling Aaron fanboys :)

    More seriously: a genuinely fun end to this story.

    Among the highlights for me was David's narration of Amy's first sight of a werewolf in Krinos form, and Desirée's reaction. And I was all ready to start coming up with the ship name for Dora and Amy (Doramy, like Do-ray-me) and you had to go and kill her off.

    And yes: I do want to listen to Anatos: AD 2017. Can a vampire come back after being beheaded? Well, you haven't introduced any Tremere to Amy and Aaron's world yet, but when you do, they come with a big button marked "Ritual Magic: Press to Do Whatever the Story Needs."

    Aaron seemed curiously more phlegmatic and resigned. Can't imagine why there'd be a difference.

    If you're going to do a story in the '60s, it's not complete unless someone says "Dig that fab gear."

    1. Yes! I am so glad you enjoyed it! You really need to blame the producers for keeping Aaron. The showrunners were totally ready to kill off his character, but his agent pulled some strings and mentioned the fact he *just* got a spread in TigerBeat, was a no brainer.

      Apparently, we haven't seen the end of Dora. This made me very happy.

      Dude...truly great villains never die.

  2. Taken me a while to get through the episodes of this I'd let build up but I seem to have made it about in time to catch the end. It was definitely worth it.

    Amy seemed pretty determined to blame Karen for everything that had happened, but I can't help but think that Mr. Fredericksburg might have been a bit closer to her. When he wanted to go after Karen, he decided to go after her boy-toy Aaron to draw her out. Then when he wanted to kill Aaron, he "accidentally" went after his girlfriend Dawn. Sounds a bit too much like a modus operandi to me.