Thursday, September 22, 2016

[Esoteric Order Duets] Neon Masquerade (Classic World of Darkness) - Episode Eleven: Fear to Fear

For the first time since his Embrace, Aaron finds himself with one foot solidly back in the mortal world. But how long can he keep up his own personal masquerade, and what will it cost?

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The "Fool for Love" scene referenced in the episode (video link).

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  1. "It's a shame you have a girlfriend." And Mike speaks for all this "Chronicle's" loyal listeners, I suspect. Of all the things Desirée has done to portray Aaron's one dot in Intelligence, perhaps the most extreme is have him trifle with the affections of an older and more powerful vampire of somewhat iffy mental stability, with whom he has a blood bond and whom he has seen essentially rip a Justicar apart

    I don't think this will end well.

    And, wow: I should have saved my Kansas comment for this week. Not a single Japanese restaurant or gay bar in the entire state! Now you're just trolling.

    As I said, never actually been to that particular state. But I did visit some places in the Midwest in the early '90s, not too long after this was set, and this seems just a little exaggerated. I'd be surprised if Lawrence (where the University of Kansas is) didn't have both in 1989.

    Incidentally, the Kansas City metropolitan area, a fair amount of which is in KS, not MO, is well over 2 million in population (so over 20 vampires...) So while the particular small town that Mike and Aaron come from may indeed be as benighted as they say, somewhere large enough to support both a significant amount of gay culture and a fair number of Japanese restaurants would be within a reasonable driving distance. More than reasonable by southern California standards, where a four hour drive is a social call, he said snarkily.

    But not just this game, but this particular episode, really did have everything.

    1. Oh, I'm sure Lawrence is a much more happening place than where Aaron and Dawn hail from. In fact, I've known a couple folks from Lawrence, and my dad went to art school in Kansas City, so I know the metropoli are perfectly fine (although I'd still be a little suspicious of their sushi joints, same as I am of the ones here in New Mexico). A chronicle set in Kansas City would be interesting!

      Dawn is from Republic County, Aaron (and Mike) from Nemaha. Check 'em out on Google Maps. Pretty slim pickings. We were inhabiting their world-view, particularly at that time. Plus, Mike wasn't showing his full hand... ;)

      (Seriously, Google Maps doesn't even show *any* restaurants in Aaron's home town of Centralia. The closest large town, Nemaha, boasts Home Plate Cafe, a McDonald's, a Subway, the Log Cabin Cafe, Ray's Apple Market, and a place with the insalubrious name of Spanky's...)

      Your comments about Karen had me chuckling. If think she's dangerous, you should meet her sire...