Sunday, September 27, 2015

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Years 559-60 - Bloody Tournaments!

This two-year session sees the return of Sigebryht, lots of Orkney shenanigans, and some very bloody tournaments indeed. Oh, and a manticore and some furries.



The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. So the aim is to have this campaign be finished by November then? That's a little sad, although I guess that means you're sticking to the two-years-a-session pattern as of late? Not like too much could possibly happen until the big finish, although it sure would be nice if people would want to give the Orkneys some comeuppance.

    I will say that Mordred has a point about the Blood Tournaments, because the one they were taking part in did seem a lot more tense and worrisome than the regular, boring kind. Probably more tension and Glory (for Siegbryht anyway) in one of those tournaments than in that year they did nothing but tournaments.

    You know who Sir Bors needs to talk to? Cynrain. That old warhorse can tell him a tale or two about how knights playing with their squires is far from the worst thing he's seen. He can just sit down right over there and listen to what happened on Badon Hill, or the fields of Lindsey, or any time the Saxons invaded, or when people didn't have time to focus on emotional discontentment because a bunch of raving lunatics could show up on a diplomatic mission and start lopping people's arms off.

    There are worse things than furries, Sir Bors!

  2. Man, what is Gawain up to these days? Letting his brothers get into all sorts of mischief. And Lancelot's still riding around like it's 531. Man, there was a time when he would have ridden into Cornwall and done something about that Tristram and Isolte thing. They were buds!

    Also, you missed out on this opportunity for one of the great joys of Pendragon: making fun of chirurgery. "You've got a 6 in chirurgery. That means you know how to make soup and pray to God that he gets better."

  3. Fun episode, even if you did kinda blast through the last of it. Everyone was getting tired I bet. Yay for Cynrain living!

  4. I have a great idea for your next podcast series! Run the Saxon campaign from 449-518. Everyone must do an accent all the time. Your amazing saxon accent was the highlight of the anarchy years. I wish I could pull it off. :D