Sunday, September 20, 2015

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 558 - And Then There's Hebes

Long-held debts, most incurred by previous generations, come back to roost as life and vitality return to the land. Once more unto the Other Side dear friends, once more...

And, as promised, a couple shots of the current table setup, including the blown-up Battle Zones diagram used in this session:


Dave S.
And...Edie the Dog

The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. Welp, I have table envy. I just played my first session of WFRP 3rd edition, and it was a lot of fun but man did I wish I had a large table like that.

    I approve both of the excellent GM screen, and the fact that you are clearly seated in the most imposing chair as a reminder of authority.

  2. Sweet setup. I too have a hefty sized table, but your extras take the cake. My latest addition is a professionally printed and laminated A1 size full color players map that goes on the table. And I'm pretty damn happy with my new feast cards, though I started work on a new and improved set already.

  3. So in gameplay news, that was an amazing session, and despite his really poor Battle skill Leander is clearly rising to be a new Warlord. He has vanquished death in favour of life, led the forces of good to victory over the forces of evil, and kept his Hate (Orkney) passion for cussing out his enemies at the end of it all! A Happy Ending for everyone this session (assuming the Elf Maidens also politely heal Sir Hebes's melancholy) apart from three unnamed de Ganis knights, but that's what they get for being NPC statistics on someone's character sheet.

    How did Sir Bleoberis return from being the King of the Circle of Gold? Did his enchantment end with the dimming of magic, or was that just a rare lore slip-up?

    1. Re: Bleoberis--yeah, that was a goof on my part. I always mix up Bleoberis and Blamore and get confused over which one became king. #BlameItOnTheBlamore

    2. It's funnier if you imagine that Bleoberis had come back through some amazing adventure and just kept waiting for Leander to recognise him and ask about it, but with his 2 in Recognise Leander just wasn't getting it.

  4. a great event this week, I shall miss the days of the fae gallavanting around the world so carefree. The world of the fantastic is the one I like the best.

  5. I gotta say, I was expecting everybody to die once they started driving deep into the enemy lines, but everybody pulled through. A far cry from those early battles with only 10 points of armor, right? Well, in any case, I guess with all those weirdos gone, we can watch the rest of Arthur's reign pass in peace. So that should be good.

    Also, I'm a little disappointed with that set up. I was expecting some kind of Who Wants to be a Millionaire light rig set up over Des's chair.

    Nah, I'm just kidding. What's the make on that knight there? It looks about Britains size?

    1. The knight is from an awesome (albeit now "retired") line by a German toy manufacturer called Schleich: