Sunday, May 31, 2015

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 540 - Hyenas and High Kings

Strange animals, broken oaths, missing persons, faerie maidens, and the possibility of mutual lip-licking. What more could you ask for in a Pendragon session?


Dave S.
And…Edie the Dog

The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. Didn't Leander and Mordred meet back during the Sir Turquine incident? It was Mordred who proposed the theory that Turquine had a special hatred of Round Table knights, and so less famous knights were needed for the rescue. Everyone was so grateful for this unsolicited and helpful advice there was even talk about getting a Loyalty Mordred passion going before the good Orkney knight suffered a brief and unimportant freakout at the tournament that year.

    I like to imagine that to really rub it in, Sir Leander is held up as the paragon of what a romantic knight should be. He's been struggling for over a decade in the purusit of his amour and the closest he's gotten has been a batting of the eyelashes. He's probably referred to obliquely in the Court of Love, and Sir Perry with his high romance skill has probably heard of his romantic pursuits and wishes he could have a romance that adventurous.

    It's enough damning with praise to make you want to kick a puppy.

    1. Indeed they did. I wasn't trying to indicate that this was the first time they'd met or even adventured together. What I was (hopefully) trying to get across was that in the ensuing years, Mordred's personality has continued to...evolve.

      Your read on Leander's reputation is exactly in line with how I'm picturing it as well. Style over substance, you know.

    2. I hadn't gotten the same sense of familiarity from Leander that he had with Loholt (as insincere as the flattery was). I do like the little check-ins with the bastards of Arthur. Emphasizing Leander's reputation as the ideal of a romantic knight would be a good way to shift his focus from doing it for Orlandes to doing it for his own Glory, since obviously he is not going pearl hunting any time soon. Des was talking like Leander is back in love with her at the end of the session, so who can say. The most important thing is that he keeps trying.

      From a political standpoint, I don't think Mordred has declared himself one of Arthur's sons. Would that mean Borre is actually next in line to the Throne if something were to happen to Arthur (perish the thought). Since he's apparently over in France would Loholt then assume regency next year, would Guinevere/Kay be acting regent or would everyone just continue to pretend that Arthur's in command?

  2. Important Warning: This image was almost too adorable for me to keep working on. It was the exact opposite of anything involving Daig.

  3. Hyenas are pretty freaky. I remember my aunt going to Africa once, and telling a story about how someone on the trip before them got eaten by a hyena. I'm a little curious where these ones came from - maybe just the same place as the lions.

    Did you make up the hyena statistics, or are they listed somewhere (you don't have to tell me where, in case you're going to use them again).