Sunday, May 17, 2015

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 539 - Tiny Tournament Time

We were down two players this week but soldiered on...and ended up with one of the most bizarre sessions not only of this campaign, but, well, ever. Buckle up for the twists and turns!

In spite of the action-packed session, we still finished early thanks to the lack of a Winter Phase this year, so there's a bonus character creation session at the end for those of you who enjoy listening to such things.

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And…Edie the Dog

The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. *Slow clap builds into a roaring crescendo* This is probably one of the funniest sessions I have ever had the pleasure to listen to. I love that this session ended with a happy ending for one of the bitterest characters in all of Logres.

    I love the new character and I am looking forward to hearing of his future misadventures.

    1. I love just how flat-out supportive Sigebryht is of all of his friends' decisions. You say you've fallen in love with a frog, want to marry her, and then have her father forge an alliance with Camelot? Sure, just remember to write ahead first.

      It IS a shame that Daig wasn't there, because Sawel is happier (and probably more faithful) when marrying a frog than he was marrying a princess and becoming a Count. He's about 90% less likely to get wrecked by Lancelot as a result of this decision too.

      Just when we thought a son born from two women couldn't be Jen's strangest character, her next backup sounds to be half-frog. Delightful.

    2. In my experience playing Pendragon and reading/listening to Actual Plays of it, characters born from two women seem to be surprisingly common. Marrying a frog, though, that's new.

      I hope Sir Sigebryht remembers to wallop Kay when he gets back to Camelot - no Arthurian story is complete without that part.

      That sounded like a pretty great session. Obviously, the frog adventure was the centerpiece, but I'm actually kind of interested in the Adventure of the Tent. Having read that one a few times, it always seemed to me that it would be a pretty tough adventure to resolve. And, well, nobody resolved it. Color me unsurprised.

      Kudos for the Kermit impression. It reminds me of one thing I occasionally wonder about in RPGs, which is that even when people cast all of their characters, nobody ever casts Muppets! It's not like it would be too weird - Muppets are mixed effortlessly with normal people in their movies. Besides, imagine - Lancelot played by Gonzo, Dinadan by Fozzie Bear, King Cerdic by the Swedish Chef. What's not to love?

    3. Y'know, I feel Sir Kay is a little unappreciated. He's fiery, and tempermental, but he's always been one of my favourite knights from the Arthurian legends. I remember watching Excalibur when I was younger and I still remember the scene when Kay originally claims to have drawn the sword from the stone, and then regrets it and confesses that it was Arthur.who had really done it. It was a great moment and endeared him to me.

      Des's voice for him was amazing since he should be a person who's either roaring in outrage or contrite about the last time he had roared in outrage. Although punching him out is a fine way to end the adventure, I feel I have to defend his honour at least somewhat. He might be leading a life of service to his brother right now, but he's still a fine knight and has survived every major battle of his brother's age, and that deserves some recognition.

    4. An all-Muppet run of the GPC? Maybe next time... ;)

      There'd have to be an appropriate selection of celebrity guest stars, of course.

      As for Sir Kay, he's actually one of my favorite Arthurian characters, especially since the complexity of his character is mirrored by the complexity of his evolution through the canon, from a major hero on the same level as Arthur, Bediver, and Gawain to a buffoonish foil.

    5. Just last-minute listened. Man...I really hope Jen gets to play her half-frog backup character.

      All that comes to mind when I think of it is:

    6. And suddenly the back end of the GPC begins to take on a distinctly animu flavor...

    7. Scantily-clad anime girls aside, I was thinking more of the Chrono Trigger-style Frog frogs was who they were interacting with rather than, y'know, actual frogs. I assumed that part of the potion involves changing the perception of the imbibers so that the frogs assume a more familiar posture and their actions are interpreted as not requiring a sanity check.

      Or on the other hand, there might have been a reason you kept emphasizing App 18... for a frog.

    8. No, I kind of assumed the same. Because, in reality, a frog standing on its hind legs is pretty grotesque.

  2. What an absolute delight this episode was. I felt bad for the other for missing it, but also glad they weren't there, because it might have gone differently.

    So here I am, all cought up with your GPC. It's been a lovely 7 week binge. I've had you guys in my head every morning while I have breakfast, on the drive to work, every extended bathroom brake (paid while pooping ftw) and when I go to bed (more than once I kept hitting the 15min sleep timer untill an episode was done). I was at the gym during 528 and had to stop mid set and listen the resolution to that tragedy. It's been a wild binge and I'm going to miss having another new Pendragon episode to listen whenever I want, but at least I still have the deadlands and some one-shots left.

    Thanks for all the good listens. Can't wait for more.

    1. Well shucks, thanks for brightening my day with the kind words, Miika. I'm glad you're enjoying the recordings! Apologies in advance as you venture into our back-catalogue--many of the early recordings suffer from our experiments with different recording devices...