Sunday, November 23, 2014

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 519 - Into the Dragon's Den

Following the events of Badon Hill, Count Cynrain returns to Salisbury to honor the final request of his oldest friend. This simple mission leads to a far stranger quest, however.


Dave S.
And…Edie the Dog

The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. Good to see you guys back again with another awesome tale in the land of Briton. A lot of twists with this one an actual brave and kind BJ the Wonderlad, an interesting spin on a classic tale, and finally and interesting character choice for Jen I had forgotten she sent that character off to squire.

    P.S. It was as always a pleasure to see Cynrain in action and all the glories that just accumulate to him.

  2. "In action". Any scene that ends with the GM's controlled enemy asking "So, are we going to fight?" almost always ends with the party walking off confused and wondering what the Hell just happened.

    But what a smashing introduction to BJ the Wonderlad! It was a little odd that everyone seemed to fall into taking orders from him even though Cynrain and Archade massively out-gloried him. It must be his natural Blains heritage shining through.

    So... did this episode get through an entire year? It sort of felt like things ended mid-discovery of the tomb, but there's no "Part 1" tacked onto this recording.

    1. Oh, it was a full year. It ended on a big "huh" because, as you say, the party walked off confused and wondering what the hell just happened. (That tends to happen when you get into a parley with a dragon that has a Deceitful of 20...)

      I posted the dragon's reveal of the four other dragons on our forums; three are in Malahaut, so Dave is voting to go after the fourth one, which is in the Forest of Dean.

    2. Look there's a really simple solution to test if the dragon THAT ALLIED ITSELF WITH SAXONS was lying to them. Kill the dragon, because it's a dragon and literally no one except that dragon cares, and then leave the horde there. Then leak news of the dragon horde to a vanquished Saxon horde, have them loot it, and watch to see what happens. If no one comes along to steamroll them, get your army together and kill the Saxons, then take the gold for yourself. Congratulate yourselves on fulfilling another prophecy, and spend the gold to your heart's content.

      I'm a big believer of solving a rat problem by introducing voracious lizards to the situation.

    3. I'm not sure if the Saxons are really in any shape to march to the Pennines at this point. Picts might be more effective.

      I'm more worried about those guys now ruled by Sir Hervis. I mean, they wouldn't be going around pretending they weren't really Saxons of they didn't have some kind of an Angle.

  3. Angled Saxons? That or any homophone of that seems pretty unlikely.

    Given that the last time anyone showed Saxons mercy they suddenly yet expectedly betrayed Arthur, Sir Hervis might have just realised that he could get a Saxon warband on the cheap by offering them sanctuary. The Saxons themselves would be kept in line by having no power base to fall back on, and the knowledge that if they rose up they would probably be very, very swiftly smacked down.

  4. The dragon stuff was good and all, but the opening section of the story proper - that's gold. For a second I thought you were going to pull the trigger on Robert's true parentage right now, just to start this phase off with a bang.

    Also, Calonlan is obviously the breakout star of the game already.

  5. at the moment, I feel there was a large amount of metagame with Sister Jenna and Sir Pureheart. However I will say that I don't know Jenna's intentions nowadays, but the fact she told a complete stranger that secret, a secret he'd want to have access to, just seems hinkey to me.

    1. Well, they are family remember. Jenna and Pureheart are both children of Countess Elaine, so it's not unreasonable that she'd ask her half-brother to look after for her daughter/his niece.

      And despite the party's view that Sir Blains had a moustache he never stopped twirling, I believe he was a very popular and respected figure in Sarem, and even people who didn't like him believes that he died redeeming himself against the Saxons.

    2. hmm, good points!

      I do enjoy listening to this, it keeps me company at work a lot, and makes my day go by much faster.