Monday, November 3, 2014

[Cthulhu-a-thon '14] Episode One: "The Millionaire's Special" - Trail of Cthulhu

It's been a long-standing tradition among certain of the more august members of the Esoteric Order to do up a big horror gaming extravaganza around Halloween every year. Since time immemorial, this event has been referred to as the "Call-of-Cthulhu-a-thon"...even if no actual CoC is run that day.

Last year, we did one big six-hour scenario. This year we decided to go for the "rock festival" approach and offer several smaller scenarios over the course of a day and let folks filter in and out as the mood struck them.

The first scenario is for Trail of Cthulhu, and was run by Jen in her debut as a Gamemaster for the group. Enjoy!


David L.
David S.


  1. Congratulations on your debut as a Gamemaster Jen! I love your Call of Cthulhu games because practically no one ever gets around to investigating the mystery and just engages in delightful roleplaying until the game master throws a monster at the first person with the gumption to mention they've gone anywhere alone.

    I actually had heard the story of the mummy on board the Titanic, although it didn't attack anyone. I have however heard of zombies, aliens, time travellers, alternate dimensions, demons, yetis, and unfrozen Vikings attacking, so I wasn't THAT shocked. It was the optimal climate for mummies really given that fire - their greatest weakness - would be in short supply.

  2. Wow props to Jen, to me it seemed as it she had been Gming for years as there were very few hiccups in the actual. Good story and good roleplay all around. If I had been a player I would have been sick and tired of all these mfing mummies on my mfing Titanic
    P.S. Jade is the luckiest player alive.

    1. I think part of Jade's luck has to do with her playing what essentially amounts to the spoiler NPC in most games. She did an action that was entirely unplanned for and (technically) unconnected to the main plot, that nonetheless had cascading, dire consequences for everyone.

      Also it's Jade, so of course her crazy plans are going to succeed.

  3. did someone have the shakey leg going on at the table? I couldn't listen to this with all the 'bump-bump-bump-bump"s going on

    1. Yeah, I'm not sure what was going on there. From what I remember, I think it's worst during the first five minutes and then drops off dramatically after that point (although perhaps coming back intermittently?). At any rate, sorry about that! Wish it was something I could edit out...

    2. it's cool, I have it too, but to hear it really sorta makes it difficult to focus. It's just how it rolls sometimes, so to speak!

  4. She has the dark gift! Damn excellent storytelling on Jen's part.