Sunday, September 7, 2014

[Trail of Cthulhu] The Black Drop

The Order is taking a break from its regularly-scheduled Pendragon game this week (no fears - we'll be back next week), so I'm posting a Trail of Cthulhu one-shot I ran about six months back. This one's actually two short sessions edited together into one big one - bargain!


Dave S.
And...Happy and Max the Dogs

Tonight's adventure can be purchased here.


  1. Ah yes, how can I forget ToC, my first true realization of exactly how lactose intolerant I really am.

  2. You and your friends, who sounded very relieved that you were suffering greatly at the hands of the wicked dairy products rather than having an appointment to go and consume some.

    1. We were relieved! We thought he was straight-up ditching us to go eat pizza, which seemed very unlike him.

    2. Ditch gaming for anything less than catastrophic gastrointestinal distress?!

      I shudder at the implications of that kind of lifestyle.

  3. That was a really well-written adventure. A nice use of atmospheric music as well to set the stage, and then it seems to just instantly transition into a grimdark fight for survival. It also seems like it's potentially very, very lethal to players, and apparently had a couple of non-obvious game over triggers. Kudos on facing death with aplomb, stoicism, and raving lunacy. Also that was one fantastic final boss fight.

    Glad everyone was feeling better in the second half! Jen was also sounding a little under the weather.

    1. Yeah, the adventure came highly recommended from several sources. We're still not totally sold on the Gumshoe system, but this was a great little scenario regardles. There's no way I'd ever try to run it as anything but a one-shot of course--it's just too deadly! (And they even managed to avoid some of the deadlier parts of the sandbox during Act II.)

      And yes, we recorded this during the height of Santa Fe's deadly Spring pollen season (yes, there's more than one pollen season out here...), and Jen was getting hit particularly hard during the first evening's recording. Nothing a little prescription-strength antihistamine couldn't fix...