Sunday, September 28, 2014

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 515 - The Grey Knight (Part I)

Arthur's Easter tournament takes an unexpectedly dark turn as heinous accusations are levied against him from a horrifying source. In response, the knights of the land take on a great quest in a race against time to save the king's good name.


Dave S.
And...Edie the Dog

The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. Time from Jade introducing a new character to her first Ultra-Violence kill: 4 1/2 minutes. New Record! And Concord got a wink from King Arthur that made me probably unnecessarily happy.

    I'm assuming that the necessary treasure here is the Whetstone also, because presumably it confers some sort of Vorpal enchantment. That or the sword to make the Grey Knight fall for the old "Try to draw a weapon that will slay you" trick. I do hope that it is one of the other treasures because I like apparently worthless magic items with unexpected uses. My hope is on the exclusive coat of Padarn Reedbirth that fits Gawaine perfectly, and causes the Grey Knight to collapse, unable to wear it successfully. Same idea with the Modesting Mantle for Guinevere and Lady Devance. Or you set up the Chessboard and when Arthur's side wins you just politely and respectfully accept the defeat.

    Also at the very end, I initially parsed Dave's request to mass attack because "this isn't a Knight" to be talking about mass-killing the small child and then riding on to ignore what was happening. I'm glad he thought to add in a clarification. Has anyone given thought to abandoning the quest, not because they can't do it, but because Gawaine is sort of a jerk.

    1. I was disappointed the lion cubs disappeared.

      ...I sort of wanted one for a squire.

    2. They may not have mastered turning into a human yet. Perhaps when one grows up they'll come back. If you wanted a child with pre-built human shifting tendencies you should have helped the snake.

  2. Also sorry to have failed to post this, but Sir Aeron had an affair with Countess Elin of Rydychan during 510 when you were staying over in Rydychan while waiting for the great melee that would appoint someone as King of Logres until some stupid boy committed grand larceny.

    This concludes the archivist report for this week.

  3. I am curious if the story would change if the players attacked the snake instead. Sounds like it was Christianity vs Paganism, but what would that mean in the bigger picture?

    1. I'm mulling over whether or not to run a session or two of "The Grey Knight" at Gen Con this year. If you plan on being there, and I do end up running it, you can find out for yourself! :P