Sunday, July 30, 2017

[Vampire 5th Edition] The Last Night

With a rump Order meeting this week, we decided to take the "pre-alpha" 5th edition Vampire rules for a spin. What did we think? You'll just have to give it a listen to find out...

And...Edie the Dog


  1. That seemed like it was going pretty smoothly until combat started and those hunger dice started getting rolled a lot. A system like that seems like it might fall apart a bit when the results seem kind of non-combat oriented, but combat (or action in general) is going to comprise the biggest collections of rolls.

    1. Agreed. It seems like there should either be a separate table for combat-related Compulsions, or else if you suffer a Compulsion in combat it's a set reaction, like Frenzy for a number of rounds equal to the Compulsions rolled or something. Falling madly in hate/love with someone in the middle of a fight is just...huh.

    2. Yes, it's weird even in Pendragon when you go nuts mid-fight, but at least there it's only a possibility on one roll, not on every roll.

      Though, honestly, that seems like it might be just as weird happening on any roll. Falling in love with someone you're trying to sneak past or hating someone because you're trying to pick a lock would also be odd.

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    4. While I haven't listened to any of this setting, the idea of someone falling in love, in the example given, represents accurately the strange and subtle twists in the stories KAP provides. Not so sure if Vampire's meant to have those same sorts of things though :D