Sunday, May 7, 2017

[Horror on the Orient Express] The Shunned Mosque

The investigators enter the "danger zone," the skin gloves come off as they go up against the Brotherhood in all its bloody strength and glory. Terrible secrets are revealed and not everyone makes it out alive...

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Dave S.
And...Edie the Dog


  1. I always knew that high-stress CoC scenarios seem to overwhelm Des but... that was a little bit rough.

    And I've been running a few Classic Deadlands adventures, and I'm also noting some adventures seem a little too smug about pointing out the heroes lost when the scenario itself is crafted to throw overwhelming and unwinnable odds at them time and time again. I'm personally a fan of how Jen keeps on fighting to the bitter end in combat, but it's certainly hard to give up that much agency.

    Really great session though!

  2. That was certainly an action-packed session.

    Being close to the end here, I'm kind of wondering if we're going to see a return of the fezes at some point (or did I miss that?).