Sunday, March 5, 2017

[Vampire: the Masquerade] Giovanni Chronicles I: The Last Supper, Act II

Our next installment of the Giovanni Chronicles sees the fledgling vampires under the threat of extreme violence at the hands of a strange coterie of vampiric plotters. How will our undead heroes get out of this bloody predicament?

We may have overdone it on the dice...

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David L.
Dave S.
And...Edie the Dog


  1. A lot of fun, like the first episode. I do hope this is all meant to be in continuity with Aaron: The Naiving and Amy: The Vengeancepocalypse.

    Something about playing this as a group lightens the mood considerably in comparison with the duet visits to the WoD, even though in theory this is as dark or darker a story. Definite vibe of "But I have all these cool powers, right?" Plus the shameless grubbing for experience points at the end...

    In 1444, I'm pretty sure that no-one would have been reading from the BIble in the vernacular...

    1. yeah, I found myself on the spot frantically trying to google something more 'ye olde' sounding, but eventually I just had to go with top 3 search results.