Wednesday, February 1, 2017

[Esoteric Order Duets] "Ladies First" (Hunter: The Demon's Mirror)

An empty bed and an open window. Black cars wend their way through the Pasdena night, lights off. Strands of fate intertwine. Emotions get intense.

The Patterson house

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  1. Ah, the Esoteric Order drinking game. What are your top picks?

    David S. - "Indeed." (You mentioned that Larkins did this, but I associate it with Schimpf.)

    David L. - "And in due time." This was often repeated particularly during Pendragon.

    Desiree - "*laugh* Nnno!"

    Honorable mentions and pet peeves:
    - Early on Jade would stuff food in her mouth anytime she was going to talk. I could picture it. Pop a crunchy something in, lean sideways with an elbow on the table and then start speaking. :D
    - Renea forgot how combat works. Excused for having baby brain (is that the expression? Being abscent minded during/after pregnancy. That thing.)

    Jen doesn't get one. Her snarky comments are always a delight. What a woman. ;)

    1. Drink if you can't tell if Jen's horrified/astounded reaction to something is tongue-in-cheek or not :)

  2. I don't know if it's any comfort for all the emotional intensity at the beginning this week, but I think that's connected to why this makes for such effective listening for us, your loyal fans. I mean, when Amy kills Aaron or vice versa, I will *care*...

    And on that subject, it was very melodramatically genre-appropriate for Amy to decide that Aaron was really to blame for Dawn's death, and not the person who, you know, *fired a Dragonfire round into an apartment without bothering about who aside from Aaron was in there.*

    One question:- Do you think that the "clue"* mechanic plays significantly differently because what Amy is investigating is a reality already established in Neon Masquerade and known to both GM and player, just unknown to Amy as a character?

    *It's a White Wolf game. Shouldn't they be called something like "Signes" or "Hinweisen"?

  3. Are you guys parents? I can't imagine leaving that house without my kids even through a storm of bullets. At the very least they'd have to be convinced.

    1. You're totally right, of course--but that's one of the hazards of extemporaneous storytelling. Sometimes a detail about an NPC gets dropped in the moment, especially during a very tense/emotional scene with the PC(s). I went back and re-listened to the scene, and Ken's absence does get addressed, but not in that immediate moment where, all things being equal, it should have been.

      I'll make the correction in the novelization. ;)