Sunday, October 16, 2016

[Horror on the Orient Express] Milano

The investigators complete another leg aboard the Dreamlands Express, where they find out that, really, anything is possible. Upon awakening, they find themselves afoot in a subdued and grieving Milan, where they are sucked into a most unusual missing-persons case.

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Dave S.
And...Edie the Dog

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  1. So, I briefly worked at a waste water treatment plant. Mostly, I was in the lab, but occasionally I got to go out and experience the rest of what the plant had to offer. One of the things done on a fairly regular basis in waste water treatment (at least where I was) is that the sludge has to be pressed out of the water. They have big presses and conveyor belts and the remnant sludge gets pressed into this sort of cake-like substance. I believe that some plants dry this stuff to the point where they can sell it to farms, but where I was, we basically just hauled it to a landfill.

    In order to get the stuff into a truck, it first gets loaded into a hopper. The hopper, of course, is big at the top with a small opening at the bottom that can be closed, so when you open it to dump the cake into the truck, the pressure from the big pile is great enough that nothing moves. So in order to get it to go through, we would grab these poles and shove it through in the middle, and this would relieve enough pressure that the rest would basically funnel through (with some help).

    The point of this story is that shoving a pole into what is basically an anus is a real-life thing that some people (briefly including myself) actuually do. So don't feel too bad, Vance!