Sunday, September 25, 2016

[Horror on the Orient Express] Les Fleurs du Mal

We return to the main narrative as the intrepid investigators board a plane for Paris with a satchel full of money and few notions of what they'll find once they arrive...on the Continent of Horrors.

Part one of a two-part double-feature!

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Dave S.
And...Edie the Dog


  1. I'm a bit curious how much you practiced your French for this. You sounded much more confident here than back in Pendragon.

    And of course the chemist in the town wasn't a 'chemist de guerre' - they already killed that guy on the airplane.

    1. Well, yeah...that was Medieval French! :P

  2. Horror on the Orient Express: Featuring antagonists killing themselves for you, flowers that compel you to take the plot MacGuffin automatically, and a complete absence of the Orient Express.

    So does indefinite insanity work like traumas now? You get to keep playing your character, but you could suddenly flashback and make yourself a danger to everyone else?

    1. Well, to be fair, the automatic MacGuffin-taking was my own thing. The adventure normally leaves it up to the players to decide what to do about the arm, but I figured, "Hey, someone's insane--they're taking the arm!"

      And yeah, Indefinite is basically a walking time-bomb of insanity now, which I really like. It gives the player the option to keep playing (as with Dotty) or temporarily retire them (as Schimpff did with Pvt. Bucket in A!C) like in older editions. I wrote up some rules for drug use that will make it easier in the short-term to play an indefinitely-insane investigator, but with a heavier price to be paid down the line. Can't wait to implement those... ::devilish grin::