Sunday, August 21, 2016

[Horror on the Orient Express] Mirror, Mirror

Our group comes together as guests of Dion Fortune, occultist and author, who has recently bought a house full of mirrors. What reflections will our investigators see when they gaze into the rippling, glassy depths?

Audio Alert! We're in the process of upgrading our recording equipment yet again, which means--you guessed it!--some growing pains for us amateur A/V enthusiasts. Levels and stereo mix balance are not quite what we're looking for, but all should be resolved by next session. (In particular, our main recorder failed with 40 minutes to go in the session, but thankfully the backup came through...) Your patience and forbearance is much appreciated.

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Jade (Padma Daschel)
Des (Dotty Gale)
Jen (Max Mallowan)
Dave S. (Vance Victorson)
Renae (Lady Cynthia Asquith)
And...Edie the Dog


  1. For reasons of pure nosiness: what is your recording equipment?

    (I seem to have fallen on my feet: laptop with boundary mics and USB sound card first, now moved to a Tascam DR-40.)

    1. My main goal is to make the recording equipment as unobtrusive as possible. This means that right now I'm experimenting with two shotgun mics mounted about five feet above the table, which are connected to a Tascam DR-100MkII. This is only possible because our game room is a converted garage and I'm able to take advantage of the former garage door opener's mounting apparatus. I should take some pictures and post about it some time...

      (I've also used the DR-40 and like it quite a bit--I'm continuing to use that for my duet games. I'll have to take a look at boundary mics too!)

    2. Thanks, interesting - I really ought to get some better external mics some time.

      The trick with boundary mics is they need a wall or a good simulation of one - I tape mine down in the middle of a two-foot flat square, and that works pretty well. (But ones with an XLR connector are vastly more expensive than the old cheap "computer" ones I have. To be fair they'll probably work better too.)

    3. Upon David's recommendation, I use the DR-40 for my game as well. I'm quite pleased with the device, but yeah I could enjoy a stand or something for it to work with

    4. I use a small tripod with rubber feet - the screw hole on the back is standard ¼".

  2. Continuing the unofficial motto of "We live to run into portals!" That should be on your next shirt. I did like the nice twist of making the horrible monster attack the people who didn't go through the portal. That'll teach them.

    I've had several end-game fights come about when the enemy accidentally destroyed themselves. Equal parts hilarious and frustrating.

    1. "We live to run into portals!" That should be on your next shirt.

      I'm seriously considering this.