Sunday, May 8, 2016

[Acthung Cthulhu] The Truth Will Out

The clues have come together. The authorities are closing in. War is beginning. It's time to don plague masks, fire up electric torches, rig demolition packs, and strap on vintage flamethrowers for a jaunt into the tunnels and caves beneath the streets of Rome.

The campaign wiki can be found here.

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  1. "Oh you touched the artifact and failed the roll? Guess I owe you an email"

    "Oh you touched the artifact and passed the roll? Guess I owe you an email"

    It's the simple paranoia that a GM loves.

  2. is the EORP going to be at Gencon this year? I'd love to be a part of something if you have another Gencon special.

    1. Us two Davids will be in attendance. We're both running one and only one "official" session this year--me Pendragon, he Achtung! Cthulhu--and they've both already filled up. (My Pendragon session filled up in 12 minutes, which Good ol' Gen Con!)

      I do believe Schimpff is planning on running some pick-up sessions, and I may be able to squeeze something in as well. Follow our Twitter or Facebook pages, as that's where we'll be announcing any such ventures.

    2. Yeah, I'll be running some pick-ups; I may not get the chance to play at all this Con, but I'm not sure I mind.

      That said, my Achtung! Cthulhu game has one (secret) spot open, because I made the event before I found out the module had been already written for six characters instead of five. I'm keeping the sixth seat open for last minuters. I would imagine that's against the rules, but all I can say to that is *raspberry*

  3. ah, those early registrations work against me again. Oh well. will do!