Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Pardon Our Dust

Archive.org keeps dropping old episodes, so I've made the decision to migrate our hosting services to Podbean. The intention, of course, is that you won't experience any disruption in the feed, but we all know those gremlins can foil even the best-laid plans...

This blog will remain active, but you can also follow us over on our Podbean page (which is currently a total mess as I wrangle episodes into order, etc.) if you're into that sort of thing.

At any rate, fingers crossed for a glitch-free transition!

- David L.


  1. Since my the Veil of Isis popped back on the feed I decided to listen them again. Well worth it. I can't help but smile at Dr. Miles Hume and Jen's snarky comments.

    In session four David mentions he has a Scooby Doo conversion for CoC. Are we ever going to hear that? Sounds amazing.

    1. Glad you enjoyed it a second time! I'm really looking forward to running a horror campaign again. One-shots are fun, but tend to be pretty overtly nihilistic. I much prefer the creeping dread and player investment that comes with campaigns.

      Yes, the Scooby Cthulhu idea! Might make for a fun Halloween session this year. All credit goes to this ancient website (thank goodness for Archive.org...): http://bit.ly/1INNeyr