Sunday, March 15, 2015

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 533 - Two Tournaments

Great events transpire at the Pentecost tournament this year...and at another tournament far across the Channel.

[Apologies for the technical glitch at the start of the recording; not sure what happened there...]

And by popular demand, our group now has an Instagram! Head on over to Esoteric Order Eats to see what we're serving up every week. This week, it's mixed nuts, olives, and bacon-wrapped apricots.


Dave S.
And…Edie the Dog

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  1. Well, this is definitely the most romantic session that hasn't ended in a murder-suicide, because all sorts of delightful feelings and emotions are just flying around today.

    And yay! Another week where I think everyone got a chance to shine and have their own little standout moments. Plus everyone banded together to convince Dave to buckle down and save his player, which is nice. I'm sure Agravaine is going to twirl his Snidely Whipstache and try to kill him next year, but it was nice to get everyone involved in saving Sir Jaeg. And since Voord's theory about NewtonTony being the ugliest place in Britain now appears to be canonized, he might even be on speaking terms with the most beautiful woman who doesn't cringe at the sight of him.

    I've also always found it a little awkward doing romance between PC's, especially when the same person is both characters. Then again I find it awkward doing romance between any characters so that's probably a personal thing. Still, Jaeg got his potion out of an act of generosity which seems more generalized than the more specific mercy so it doesn't necessarily have to have meant anything special.

    You know Leander, this problem of being married to one person and having an overwhelming amour for another sounds like quite the pickle. You should bring it up with Guenever. See if she has some advice on how to discretely conduct a love affair on the side. You're one of her knights now, and maybe, somehow, she just might understand.

    1. I'm thinking instead of romance what will come from this session will be a supremely one-sided relationship, with Daig falling deeper and deeper in love with Loorette, and the lady generating a directed trait of Generous to Newton Tony (or Ugly) Knights.

      In any case, things will not end well, but perhaps it won't turn into a murder/suicide, since I'll be plotting both characters.

    2. Since you're plotting both characters all we can guarantee is it won't go the way either of them plan.

      What if she just gains a directed Hatred towards Agravaine and other arrogant knights of his ilk? They do seem to stand in opposition of her generous and forgiving nature.

      "It's not about you, it's about him. I hate that guy so much."

    3. That's a pretty good option, too. Probably also more apt to be used in more general senses, as well.

    4. You could make it Hate (Agravaine) at 3d6+3 and Suspicious (Notably Cruel Knights) of 1d6+1.

    5. It'd be an interesting use of the Pendragon paired-traits (that I really like) if they served to modify Hate/Loyalty passions when they're generated based on if you're compatible or incompatible with the person you're rolling against.

      If you have a 16+ in Merciful, and the subject of your Ire is 16+ in Cruel then you naturally stand in opposition to each other and the Hatred is stronger, or you're not quite comfortable with your Lord and a Loyalty gets less strong. Similarly if you're both 16+ in Just, then you're more naturally inclined to identify with that person, or you can't help but see some good in your ire.

      It'd require a lot more bookkeeping, but who doesn't love bookkeeping?


    I have to know the secret of the foot-chopping Blue Knight.

    On a question raised a few sessions ago; why don't knights ever settle disputes with a dance off? One of my reasons for my casting choice of Sir Brus sans Pitie was while looking at his character sheet; why does this psychopath have a dance skill of 20? I realized, oh, it's Christopher Walken.

    Your casting of Jeff Goldblum is also inspired, being one of the few people that can out creep Mr. Walken. He's also more likely to lull the players into a false sense of security. Oddly, I can imagine him slaying people, not out of cruelty but out of germophobia. The thought of him killing the sheepherder yelling, "Get away from me, you FILTHY peasant!" came to me stray away.

    But back to the point, if anyone was going to weasel their way out of a duel by proposing a dance off, it would be Sir Brus sans Pitie.

    1. What secret? Chop your foot off, get a Knight who will serve you for a year. Seems pretty straightforward. Asking WHY he proposes this deal is a question that doesn't make sense if he really is a Fae Knight. He might be doing it because a bunch of his friends got together, dyed their armour, and each dared one another to fulfill some insane condition by the end of the year. Or he thinks it's really, really funny to trick a mortal knight into cutting off their own limb for service that to him will pass in the blink of an eye. Or he's Faerie Quentin Tarantino fulfilling his foot fetish.

      I really hope it's that last one.

    2. Either that or Faerie Joss Whedon.

    3. I'm saving Walken for the other Outlaw Knight of this period...

      Also, I'm sad Sawel didn't go for the Blue Knight's proposal, because I could've cued up "Stuck in the Middle with You" while Jen was making her rolls for the Major Wound.

  3. I was going to make a comment about poor Mrs. Leander, but then I figured it's probably not that bad. I mean, those Irish are pretty big on the Love (Family), right? Well, except for one notable figure. But, I mean, if she's important enough for a political marriage, you probably don't want her running home complaining all the time. "Dad, Leander totally ignores me." "Dad, Leander went to Paris and didn't get me anything." "Dad, Leander's building a shrine to some British lady in our bedroom."

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