Monday, January 5, 2015

[Scrolls and Swords] "Crit This!" One-Shot

'Tis the season for unexpected travel plans and unexpected colds, and a combination of both scuttled our scheduled Pendragon session this week. But fear not! We shall return next week, come hell or high water (or stuffy noses).

This week, instead, we'd like to share a recent session from our sister AP feed, Crit This!. It's David Schimpff's other regular group, and if you enjoy the Esoteric Order's shenanigans, do go give them a look - there's a fair amount of incestuous back-and-forthing between the players.

Case in point, our selection from the Crit This! archives is a recent session Dave ran for EoRP regular Jade and Crit This! regulars Russell and Scott, and is the one-page fantasy RPG Scrolls and Swords, based off of onesevendesign's Lasers and Feelings RPG. Dave sends along the warning that the session was heavily influenced by Adventure Time and features a candy break in the middle...




  1. Replies
    1. Nice, I did not know you did your own actual plays. Looking forward to perusing your archives.

    2. Yes, I shall ring in the New Year by binging on another Actual Play podcast. That's just what my productivity needed.

      I thought it was quite good, as I've always liked the Lasers and Feelings idea. I just wish you had embraced the silliness and had thrown a pun or two in there. You know, lighten the mood a bit!

    3. The regular EOoR podcasts are sadly lacking in discussion of wireless connectivity issues.

    4. It's too true. I tend to take a lax hand when it comes to editing, unless someone happens to perhaps give their credit card information out while ordering a pizza on mic.

      Hypothetically, of course.

    5. Okey, so that was weird and wonderful. I'm not at all familiar with the system, but by the sound of it you just pull shit out of thin air with a straight face and roll to see if it sticks. Sounds amazing. :D

    6. You roll dice right at the beginning to determine the driving plot. The rest is all bullshitting. It's fantastic.