Sunday, September 14, 2014

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 513 - The Fields of Terrabil

A strange tragedy galvanizes the northern kings, and they march south under the banner of King Lot to quash the Boy King once and for all. In the midst of the ensuing slaughter, our intrepid heroes are busy fighting their own battles upon the bloody fields of Terrabil, and a great warlord arises from among their ranks...


Dave S.
And...Edie the Dog

The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. Blains' apparently still unnamed son was born in late 498/early 499, so he should be turning 15. He is no doubt hiding his name so that he can dramatically reveal himself at an opportune moment, little realising that no one else considers the succession in question and have moved on without him.

    1. Turning 15...and Concorde just picked up a new squire named Generis...


    2. Was he perhaps behind a subtle poisoning of your wife, followed by poisoning your ears against her family in order to inspire a costly blood feud?

      Wheels upon wheels of manipulation!

    3. Yeah, I've been lax in getting that kid into a good position to mess with the beloved Salisbury bunch. There may be time yet. I seriously want to figure out a way to get Earl Robert out of the picture.

  2. It's a shame you all couldn't get every single King you went after, but all in all that was a remarkably successful battle. I can't help but think of some sort of RPG cutscene at the end where all four Knights just show up slashing at the enemy until the final blow is given.

    What happened to King Beardcloak (he probably had a different name) by the way? You mentioned the fates of all the allied Kings in the battle, but he was still alive the last time I heard of him I think.

    PS: Rejoin the group, Des! You can take on a new knight who might've been granted some Northern land that I think just became available.

    1. It was probably for the best with Sir Nero. 20D6 on a critical, after all...


      King Beardcloak (aka King Ryons) sort of disappears from the chronology after his capture by Balin and Balan, so I suppose he's down in a donjon somewhere, there for to break out, Arkham Asylum-style, when it suits me. But why would I want to do a thing like that?

    2. I don't know if Batman's ever had a facial-hair themed villain, but surely King Beardcloak has no doubt realised that he was fated to lose the battle when he was brought as a prisoner before Arthur and realised that his hated foe had NO BEARD WHATSOEVER.

      Now he sits alone in a cell, his own beard shorn as punishment, and when it grows back he will know that the time of his vengeance is at hand.

    3. I'm totally using that, no joke.

    4. I wish I could play, but in good conscience I can't because I have essentially played the hell out of it. I'm working on a few behind the scenes dealies with Morgan, and some of the other characters I am going to play are merely a twinkle in some of the main NPCs' eyes.

    5. You just seem to not enjoy battles very much, so I thought maybe being able to take up a single character during them might make things more enjoyable for you? Maybe you could take over playing the single enemy the players have to face instead of the hordes they have to mow down?

      Just think of all the ridiculous accents you could get to do!

    6. Well, you could make all your characters famously Reckless, and then, no matter how much your OOC knowledge revealed that something was a terrible idea, it would be against the rules for your character not to do it :)

      I favor Sir Pureheart for the son of Blains. Like his father.

    7. SIR PUREHEART! I'm going to have to submit that one for consideration.

  3. Poor King Idres! Once a solidly heroic if second-rank Round Table knight, and now reduced to this villainous figure who even has to share the limelight with another king in his death scene.

    Now that he's safely dead, I can say that I've loved this particular bit of character reinvention and the way that it has created a new history of bad relations between Salisbury and Cornwall. I can't wait until [SPOILERS].

    First time I've ever had to worry about spoiling material that's centuries old.



      During my first running of the GPC, I made a lot of hay out of Salisbury/Cornwall rivalries. I too am looking forward to how things play out with [redacted], particularly if some of those Hates and directed Suspicions get passed down to later generations.

      As for Idres, poor fellow indeed. Ah well--next!

  4. Not relevant to this particular adventure, but sheer obnoxious pedantry forces me to tell you that sheep are actually very good at surviving in cold, blustry conditions such as found on the Kerguelen archipelago. They have been the mainstay of the non-fish parts of the economies of the Faeroe Islands and Iceland - which have climates roughly comparable to Kerguelen - since these lands were first settled. Indeed, certain breeds of sheep are encouraged by this strenuous environment to grow particularly thick and fine wool, which fetches a premium price. No, the French attempt to herd sheep on Kerguelen was more stymied by the "What the fuck, this place is literally in the middle of no where!" factor.

    Also, if y'all're still curious as to what, exactly, a burgher is, just remember that the French word for "burgher" is just...bourgeois.

    Pedant, out!