Sunday, August 17, 2014

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 510 - The Year of Three Battles

We wrap up the year 510 with the Boy King Arthur desperately defending his newly-won crown against the challenge of King Lot and his allies from the north. "Blood! Blood! Blood!"


Dave S.

The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. Keep the winter phases please. There's lots of interesting tidbits in there. And in general, you guys make me look forward to Mondays when I can listen to the continuing tale of the GPC and your knights.

    1. I second this vote - it's really fun to listen to the winter phases.

    2. A third vote for keeping the winter phase here.

      Especially since it's at the beginning of the session. Obviously, that wasn't done for the benefit of the listeners, but it happens to make for excellent listening. It creates a wonderful prologue to the action that follows.

  2. Poor Dave S. Your great luck is an inspiration to us all, the fact that it is almost entirely horrific notwithstanding. You have our sincerest sympathies.

    1. Dave's luck really wasn't that bad this session. He didn't critically succeed, but he didn't really fail either right up until the end. Even that at the end, he just hit the "Emergency Battle Escape" button, which as discussed means he's now 100% guaranteed to survive the battle. Eventually.

      This session's award for ridiculous dice luck should go to Des, who just consistently and relentlessly rolled in such a way to cause maximum harm against the players. I lost count of how many non-passioned crits did she score against the knights? And only one of her battle intensity rolls was (slightly) below the average, so even when stacked against 3d6 -15 she still barely causes it to drop. That's what she gets for believing in dice theory rather than the omnipresent Gods of Luck.

      Also here's something I've been looking forward to: Adwen was born in 489, which I think means she should have come of knighting age this year (21), so maybe she can be Dave's next character? She might have racked up some glory participating in all three of Arthur's first battles. Assuming Renae isn't terrified of entrusting Vergil's legacy to his capricious die failures of course.

      I'm going to remember the line "You did what you came to do, albeit not very well" for my players. It's wonderful.

  3. Keep the winter phase please, it is interesting to see what fate befalls the characters. At minimum, consider having the players at least recap what happened to their characters over the winter.

    Once again, good stuff everyone!