Sunday, July 13, 2014

[Pendragon] The Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 505 - Back to the Swamp

Cornwall calls upon its allies, and once more the player-knights must venture into the treacherous swamps of Somerset. But neither is all well at home, as Salisbury once again finds itself under threat from its former ally...


David S.
And...Edie the Dog

The campaign's wiki can be found here.


  1. Hey I'm a programmer! I refuse to put any adjectives qualifying that so feel free to roll a d20 for my skill, and I'll just nod and say that's correct.

    I'm really enjoying the political machinations that went on this year and are coming up. You've defeated two of your enemies, but non-mutual allies are causing your own trouble, and there are ALWAYS more Saxons for you to kill. And by kill I mean race each other to capture and ransom, because inspiring a Hate Britons passion in your enemies is not going to come back to bite you at all probably.

    Also I am going to push for Monkfish to be renamed to Annisbane, since clearly they are the manifestation of her vengeance from beyond the grave. They even slew the one who slew her, and he was a great giant of a man! Surely no ordinary fish could kill him! Plus it would be a nice little memento of Sir Tatham.

    Really great episode all around, and now to go listen to the post-game wrapup where I'm sure nothing terrible is going to happen to anyone.

    1. And as a follow-up to that...

      Remember everyone: The GM's rolls are not impartial or fair. They are a manifestation of the overwhelming hatred and sociopathy every one of us feels towards our players. We can hate you so hard that we will affect the laws of probability to roll unopposed criticals against you. We will cause you to fail that sanity check. It is personal, and there is nothing you can do about it.

      Hope you get that internet back soon Jade!

    2. Well there's that, but there's also the fact that the odds are always going to be on the GM's side. Players have to continually succeed at their rolls or they die. With GMs, only one filthy saxon spearman has to get lucky. And he has thousands to throw away for that chance.

    3. True, although the bulk of the enemies you're fighting appear to be of Mook-quality, and it requires both them to succeed by a lot and you to fail in order for the risk of the one-shot to appear, or so it seems. You took two filthy Saxon spearmen strikes in that fight and barely took any damage. Cormac suffered three critical hits in his battle, two of which landed and he survived - though was knocked out.

      You really were tactically planning all up in that battle though, and it seems like it's paid off in that you're doing a lot better now than you were in your first one. It's one of the raesons why I'm hoping the death of Tatham at the hand of those horrible, vile fish gets sensationalized as a kind of tribute to him.

    4. I, uh...just googled monkfish.

      Hot tip of the day: Don't google monkfish.

    5. Also, I realized after the fact that Aeron took more damage from the first attack than I recorded on tape. Since I fumbled his first sword roll I shouldn't have added my shield bonus to my armor, so instead of taking the equivalent of a papercut Aeron took the equivalent of a spear thrust, followed by a papercut.

    6. You know, I figured that when I mentioned monkfish and got a rather lukewarm response that none of you knew what monkfish look like. I'll have to post a picture on Obsidian Portal... ::evil grin::

      Jake: Pendragon doesn't have mook rules per se, but I will admit that Saxon fodder don't hit quite as hard as knights. Still, a lucky crit can happen at any time, which is part of the fun. And yes, the players have become much more canny in their battle tactics, which helps survivability quite a bit.

      Schimpff: I'll have to go back and re-listen to jog my memory, but I think with that fumbled roll, it was with the lower of the two damage totals from that round, so your lack of a shield bonus didn't hurt as much. You got lucky--this time!

    7. I knew what they looked like, but it only just now occurred to me that they weren't wearing armour when hunting them. That was probably foolhardy. Still, these weren't even infected with the tongue-devouring parasite, so they were not at maximum disturbing level. I maintain my demand for a memorial for Tathan! I will also accept Morgan raising him as a zombie to fulfill the promise that he made to her because that's what he gets for making promises!

      And I can go back and listen to the absolutely heart-wrenching Battle of Lindsey for a reminder of how dangerous combat could be, but I choose to believe in the players that they will be around forever!

  2. Messy situation brewing in the next year. Looking forward to hearing how they work that out.