Sunday, February 23, 2014

[Pendragon] Great Pendragon Campaign: Year 485 - The Battle of Mearcred Creek

Earl Roderick nominates three of the squires for knighthood, and they are baptized in the fire of battle at a small waterway called Mearcred Creek. Also, there is much talk of sweetmeats.


David S.


  1. Hey guys! I *love* your podcast. I listen to a fair number of actual plays and your group is tied with for most erudite, likeable, and fun cast.

    Because of this podcast, I am now working on a campaign using the Pendragon rules but set in a homebrew universe where I'm not tied to the Arthurian mythology and the PCs can rise to uppermost prominence. I love the idea of The Great Pendragon Campaign but I don't like the idea of the players always being second fiddle to Arthur, Lancelot, Mordred, et al.

    Anyway, you have absolutely inspired me to walk in your footsteps. Keep having fun, and keep recording it for me to listen to!


    1. Good on you, and good luck with the homebrew setting!

      I've had similar ideas myself, so keep us posted with how things work out on your end.

      And thanks for listening!

    2. Yes, thanks very much for the kind words--being compared to the granddaddy of AP recordings is really quite an honor!

      I'll echo Mr. Schimpff in my interest in your adaptation of Pendragon to a non-Arthurian setting. It's been done before, both with historical settings (feudal Japan) and non-historical (setting it in the Battletech universe, for example). I'd be shocked if someone hasn't done a Game of Thrones mod at this point, too.

      The presence of such major NPCs in the GPC chronology seems to be a perennial worry, but once you get into it, it's really not as big a deal as it might seem. The clever way the GPC handles it is that, with only a handful of exceptions, you're never expected to just sit back and observe canonical events playing out. You'll either be given a direct opportunity to play a role in the event (perhaps altering it significantly), or else you'll be doing your own, more personally-relevant thing as the canonical event plays out in the background. Of course, you'll see this for yourself as the campaign unfolds! ;D

  2. For some completely unknowable reason, this is my favourite episode you've released yet. I can't pin down my exact reasons why, so I'll just go listen to a completely probably-random thirty seconds of it over and over again.

    I haven't purchased Pendragon, but your Deadlands recordings have made me buy a few Deadlands supplements, and petition our group to switch to that as our next campaign setting when one of our current ongoing games ends. Gregg's pretty much nailed it that your cohesion and commitment to playing the game and throwing yourselves into the settings makes this podcast a joy to listen to, and presumably you have far more fans who just haven't started commenting yet.

    Long live Concord!

  3. Hi, I have really enjoyed listening to this podcast and reading accounts from previous GPC. What supplements do you use running this campaign?

    1. Thanks, I'm glad you're enjoying it all! I obviously need to create a page with links and info, because you're not the first to ask about what supplements I'm using. Here's the list:

      Pendragon 5.1
      The Great Pendragon Campaign
      The Book of Battle 2.0
      The Book of the Estate
      The Book of the Entourage
      The Book of Records (PDF form-fillable character sheets)
      In my last session I used random encounter tables from Blood & Lust.
      Fan-generated feasting rules and yearly event/kin event rules; links are here:

      I also wrote a post on RPG Corner a while back (meaning it's probably in need of updating) listing my favorite non-game and game-related Pendragon resources:

      Hope that helps!