Sunday, September 29, 2013

[Dungeon World] One-Shot

Taking a break from Deadlands this session, we took indie RPG Dungeon World for a spin. This session featured players Des, Jen, Jade, Dave, and new gamer Brendan.


  1. Did you ever brake out Dungeon World again? I had a ton of fun listening to the episode and I'm definitely running a one-shot for our next gaming weekend.

    1. Sadly, no! And I very much would like to run more of it. Only so many hours, you know...

      I did almost run a one-shot of Night Witches (another Apocalypse World Engine game) for Des, Jen, and Jade a couple months ago, but we had to cancel the session at the last minute and haven't had a chance to reschedule. Hopefully sometime later this year!


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