Sunday, February 3, 2013

[The Veil of Isis] Session Four: Hell Hath No Fury (Part I)

In which five Investigators, members all of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, head north to Derbyshire and involve themselves in the ancient Curse of the Black family.

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Present for this Session:
Celestia Adams (Jen)
Lily Farthington-Smythe (Des)
Dr. Miles Hume (Bill)
Oswald Finnegan (Shal)
Padma Daschel (Jade)
And…Edie the Dog.


  1. How to kill your players: Construct an elaborate mystery full of pitfalls and dangers, where one wrong step could alert dark forces to the existence of the adventurers who could plot sinister assassinations against them, and then watch them literally fall all over themselves to their doom because of a not-very-important clue.

    Oh gravity, you are always the most lethal thing in any RPG system.

    1. I have to say, running Call of Cthulhu is always a guaranteed good time as a GM, because you basically get to sit back and watch the players hang themselves with the rope you provide.

      Now you're making me want to go back and re-listen to these because the memories are rather dimmed at this point. And I just don't have the kind of time, man! ;P

    2. I think they're pretty good and worth listening too, so indulge yourself! I think you can hear yourself smiling as your players one after another succumb to the spur-of-the-moment floorboards of doom.

    3. Heh, I shall endeavor to do so!

      BTW, here's the Obsidian Portal page--not quite as in-depth as the GPC's page, but there's some fun stuff there, including some "blue booking" that took place between sessions in the forums.