Sunday, July 16, 2017

[World of Darkness] A Chill Semester: "Put It on Ice"

The Homecoming Game kicks off and it's rah-rah-rah for the fightin' Rooks. But while San Kaissa State dominates the field, the staff of the Oracle sneaks around the nearly-abandoned campus, putting more and more pieces together...and bringing back pieces from the other side of the Hedge...

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David L.
And...Edie the Dog


  1. Ordinarily I'd have to trick people into accidentally enacting a blood ritual. Good work getting everyone to do it themselves!

    I remember that Chronicles of Darkness have "Conditions" that you can inflict on your players at certain point which are penalties that usually they can clear by voluntarily accepting a failure on a task, which might be an option for when people get shaken.

    1. yeah, I've been listening to the Demon's Mirror again and am starting to realize that those breaking points resulting in conditions are pretty necessary for a horror-themed campaign.

      So...Larkins, I may have to re-borrow Chronicles of Darkness.

    2. I don't know if you need to be able to hurt your players worse than they hurt each other. Breaking Point rolls are fun though.

      You might also want to consider adding Risking Willpower, where once per scene they can spend a Willpower in a special way. If they succeed they get it plus one more back, if they fail they get a dramatic failure automatically.

    3. Oh yes, risking Willpower is a very fun mechanic that we didn't get to touch on nearly enough in Demon's Mirror.

      Chronicles all the way, bay-bee! ;D

  2. Well, anyone who frequents the Obsidian Portal can enjoy the dozen or so new characters.