Sunday, June 11, 2017

[World of Darkness] "A Chill Semester"

After a four-year break, we return to San Kaissa to check in on the staff of the Oracle, where we find faces old and new...and a brand new mystery to unravel.

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Edit: Oh man, apologies to everyone: the dreaded buzz has returned! (For some reason, this only seems to happen when we play nWoD...) The good news is that it's fairly intermittent, with the worst bits between the 48:00 and 59:00 marks. :(


David L.
And...Edie the Dog


  1. Yeah that static got annoying, but it was probably just interference from powers beyond our understanding or something. Also this is a pretty good investigation hook.

    I recommend trying to switch over to the new experience gain system. My group's played two adventures in Chronicles of Darkness, and as far as I can tell the differences are like this:

    1) Instead of EXP, you earn Beats. One for showing up, some for gameplay, most for failing rolls or risking your own sanity. Also playing to your Aspiration, but it does slow down gaining Experience.
    2) Levelling up gets simpler. Merits are 1 XP per dot, Skills are 2XP, Attributes are 4XP. This is all independent of their starting level.

    I prefer that approach since otherwise you should just put all your character creation points into one or two things you really want to get them really high, since it's so much more expensive to go from 4 to 5 than 1 to 2.

    1. It's seriously weird that most of our issues with background buzz have come up only when running nWoD/CoD...

      I'd be all for switching to the Beats system; I quite enjoyed it (and the much simpler XP costs) when running Hunter's Hunted. The trickiest part (I found) is remembering to award Beats mid-game rather than at the end, but I think in a group setting it'd be easier for the Storyteller to remember to do so with 4-5 people helping him remember... ;)

    2. My GM ended up just giving us 1 Experience each session, and then tallied up all of the Beats we earned throughout an adventure, and at the conclusion awarded all of that sweet, sweet XP as a party fund that could be divvied up among characters and the party as a whole for buying things like Contacts or Resources that could be mutual.

    3. I'll have a chance to read through the CoD sourcebook this week, perhaps I'll find a way to incorporate the new XP system into the game.

      It would completely nullify my new printed XP tokens, though.

    4. Quite the contrary: you could print off more tokens and use them to represent Beats. So when you award a Beat, you literally pass the player a token. At the end of the session, everyone tallies up their tokens and Bob's yer uncle.