Sunday, January 22, 2017

[Horror on the Orient Express] Bread and Stone

The investigators awaken as the train pulls to an unexpected stop outside Vinkovci, Yugoslavia. Somnambulists, ancient tomes, anarchists, and blood-soaked shootouts ensue.

The campaign wiki can be found here.

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Dave S.
And...Edie the Dog


  1. Whew! Finally caught up (at least to the Orient Express stuff).

    First, let me say that that is indeed a fine-looking table; what is that thingy in the bottom left of the picture? Is that a control for the lights?

    I kind of feel like you're coming up on the part of the route that I know better, but that might just be a fantasy based on a Railroad Tycoon scenario. Though, come to think of it, that one did have a mysterious religious order devoted to an aquatic-themed locomotive. Maybe closer than I was thinking.

    In any case, I'm rooting for you guys (naturally, Max in particular)! I'm sure there's a well-deserved happy ending at the end of all this. Don't let the Yugoslavian government get you down!

    1. Look, Yugoslavia is just going through some growing pains. I'm sure they'll work things out eventually.

      The thingy is my recording rig! TASCAM recorder hooked up to a Yamaha mixer. One of the things I love about the new table is that I've been able to "bug" it with four boundary mics, so we don't have any bulky or intrusive recording equipment in the way (apart from the mixer, but hey).

    2. The recording equipment, of course! That makes a lot of sense, but I never would have guessed. Something about it makes me think of a model train controller, so I was torn between it being electrical equipment or some kind of crazy Orient Express prop.

      As for Yugoslavia, I'd like to believe you, but I've got this game about the Croatian war for independence set up on my own gaming table....

  2. Well, I would be all over buying one of those tables if I could somehow present an arguement to my wife. It looks very, very pretty though. I must own one....

    Anyway, was there an actual conversational flowchart for the interrogation? It's one of my loves GMing when I can watch people's wheels spinning as they're trying to figure out which route they want to go down.

    1. They've got a "kitchen table" model that might be a good sell. The table comes with a cover, so you can use it as a regular piece of furniture when not gaming...

      There wasn't a formal flowchart per se, but as I looked at the scenario text one formed in my mind. And yeah, it was tremendous fun watching how each "routine questioning" panned out--my initial instinct was to gloss over it, but I'm glad I went through it player by player.

    2. I honestly think like this is the best looking one of the tables I've seen, but the main problem is that I'm Canadian so things often don't ship to me (as in this case), or at ruinous rates. So now I'll just lurk ominously.

      Nothing beats "routine questioning" like a good game of Paranoia among soon-to-be-ex-friends!