Wednesday, November 23, 2016

[Esoteric Order Duets] "Point of No Return" (Hunter's Hunted: The Demon's Mirror)

With help from her spirit guide, Amy engages in her first proper investigation into the dark world of the shen, as her Grandmother would have called it.

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  1. Still a little bit left of the episode, but... Did you forget to soak the axe wound?

    1. I enjoyed how you got started off with very low energy, but got really into it towards the end. The last half was much better for it.

    2. "Did you forget to soak the axe wound?"

      Actually, I did roll for that! Just didn't vocalize it. She only had Stamina 1 and no Fortitude, so soaking was probably not going to happen... :P

  2. Good stuff as always.

    - The obvious question that has me in suspense now, is what will Ami think when she finds out that Aaron is involved with Karen so soon after Dawn's death? Surely that's another thing that makes it clear that Aaron was responsible for Dawn's death.

    - People do not seem so happy with Amy Sherman-Palladino this week, so perhaps she is not who you want producing your show.

    - the plan mechanics come across as a well-meaning attempt to graft narrative mechanics onto a system that's not ideal for them, and as the sort of thing that's superseded by more elegant and flexible mechanics nowadays.