Sunday, February 7, 2016

[End of the World] Schimpff's "Session for the Fans"

For some time now, David S. has been teasing us with the prospect of a one-shot "for the fans" that required all of us to be present. Having a full quorum this week (even though Jen is getting over a cold), we pulled the trigger on this long-promised session. Most unexpected results ensued.

Maps that may prove useful to the listener:


David L.


  1. Aw, you were way too nice, David! Bring the mayhem to the players! Destroy everything the care about and love, then destroy their hopes and dreams, THEN DESTROY THEM! THE PLAYERS, NOT THE PCS! REVEL IN THEIR DOWNFALL!!!!


    Seriously, Cthulhu should have walked right through their living rooms. :-D

  2. Wow. That was a surprisingly chill apocalypse. I was expecting a little more Mad Max or something, but I guess that it's true that that would be the post-apocalypse and not the apocalypse itself.

    And when you were describing tha hand, I just say that I was imagining one of those Escher-esque pictures of a table, where the table has four legs and there are four feet, but the fret don't actually connect to the legs extending out of the table.

    1. My Mad Max style imaginings have grown stronger and more persistent, so I feel. Need to be more descriptive.

      I imagine a buggy, or maybe a jeep. Like one of those military jeeps with the machine gun on the back, only more dilapidated. Maybe the front half has been cut off and replaced with the front half of a pick-up truck off of which the roof of the cab has been removed.

      Jen is driving this vehicle, wildly. Maybe she is laughing or yelli as she does so. Possibly she is angling towards some sort of abandoned flatbed in order to jump the Grand Canyon.

      Beside her in the front seat is Renae. Renae is trying to read the map, but is having a hard time because it has been all the way opened up and is huge. Also, Jen is driving so fast that it keeps blowing back into her face and she is forced to maintain a death grip on it.

      In the back, Des is manning the machine gun, pointing it at the pursuing mutants on motorcycles. She is not entirely sure how it works.

      Therefore, David L. Is nearby (possibly in the back seat of the jeep) reading her the instructions. It is unclear whether he found these somewhere in the jeep or if he brought them from home.

      Also in the back seat, grievously wounded, is David S. His wound is survivable, but at the moment, he is only conscious enough to be making grim comments and/or jokes at his own expense.

      Jade is with him, administering first aid. She is trying to be encouraging, but is maybe being a bit too honest to really pull it off. Occasionally she turns towards the from to shout directions at Jen.

      This is how I imagine the six of you during the apocalypse. Feel free to marvel at my genius at understanding people based on small clips of their conversation via podcast. Or the opposite.

    2. Wonderful! You've definitely captured the essence, Max. Thanks for this. :)

  3. That was a fun listen. A little surprised at how well you were prepared. And was that really just one roll for the entire game? Very chill end of the world, but you'll all get it when the fish people come.

  4. I don't know why everyone wasn't saying Cthulhu all the time. Presumably every single one of you, as well as all of Twitter, would have realised what that thing clearly was (or pretending to be).

    What about your fans Dave? What happened to all of your loyal commentators? WILL YOU CONTINUE TO PODCAST AFTER THE END?

  5. This was pretty chill indeed. It was kinda fun, but honestly the moment I read that it was 'for the fans' I expected a game where anyone could play any of their favorite characters from any past game together for one massive crossover.

    Kangi Taken Alive meeting Sir Wulfram, maybe teaming up with some wayward investigator.

    Honestly I think this is a great idea, if you want another 'for the fans' episode.

    1. I quite like that idea. I'll file it away for "next time."

      Many years ago, I stole a page from John Wick and ran a game in which the players played themselves but discovered that they were characters in an RPG, and got to meet previous characters they'd played. I think it ended with them killing their player-selves in order to set all the characters free or something...? It was extremely meta.

    2. so the ending to the Gamers fanfilm then.

    3. I have successfully used The Gamers 2: Dorkness Rising to convince someone to give RPGs a try.

    4. I've only ever seen The Gamers 2, but if that's how The Gamers ends, then it must've been in the air at the time--figure I ran that scenario sometime circa 1998 or '99, and the first Gamers movie came out in 2002.

    5. I had trouble with Gamers 2, because I swear I knew one of the big troublemakers, and it frustrated me to see him on screen, all full of entitlement. Took me a while to return to it and finish the story (almost said game!)

    6. Just saw this suggestion for "For the Fans" session - while I think that's the coolest idea ever, wouldn't it be fun to have listeners vote for *their* favorites from our characters for us to play in one super-epic session?? :D