Sunday, December 6, 2015

[Night Witches] 1942

The ladies of the 588th get their baptism of fire as war rages all around them. Blood is shed, planes are shot down, passions are inflamed, and many a double-entendre is dropped.

Our natural-born Soviet airwomen this session include:

Dave S.


  1. Summoned by sibilant whispers, I believe that Jade did initially select a promotion last session but then swapped it out not wanting the responsibility.

    Anyway, that was a very "fun" session to listen to, and I think what with all the constant horrible death and blackmail exploitation, adopting the motto of "I'm trying to keep this G-Rated" would be great for this series.

  2. Wow, it's a tough life being a natural-born Soviet airwoman. But I'm rooting for you, Sveta! I'm sure that everything will get sorted out quickly in Moscow, people will realize it's just a big misunderstanding, and it'll be a funny story to tell your grandchildren.

    Also, let me say that I'm liking the background music for this one. Was that Cossacks in Berlin that I heard?