Sunday, November 8, 2015

[Trail of Cthulhu] The Big Hoodoo (Part II)

The thrilling conclusion of the Trail of Cthulhu scenario "The Big Hoodoo". Can Phil Dick, Ginny Heinlein, and Tony Boucher unravel the mystery of the Psychohistory Institute and the machinations of its shadowy leader?


Des (Virginia "Ginny" Heinlein)
David L. (Phillip K. Dick)
Renae (Tony Boucher)


  1. Wow. The ending there was definitely not what I was expecting. Both in terms of how it turned out and that I didn't quite expect the adventure to use a real person as the villain.

    You have any plans for what's next? (Or is it a surprise?)

    1. The management wishes to state that any resemblance to persons living or dead is entirely coincidental... ;)

      But yeah, I don't think anyone could've seen THAT coming!

      As for what's next, we're doing our Pendragon post-mortem next week. After that...well, there's a lot of ideas floating around. Stay tuned!

  2. Much fun, thanks! (I'm very slowly catching up with the GPC, so most of it is still to come for me.) I've read a certain book, so the black magic wasn't at all surprising, but I liked the way things were plumbed together. Maybe a bit of a railroad, as Gumshoe adventures tend to be, but a great time mostly thanks to the PC and NPC characterisations.

    -- Roger of Improvised Radio Theatre with Dice

    1. Thanks, Roger! I have to say, I'm fairly itching to try out Armitage Files or another "improv" style Trail game just to see how it does off the rails. On the other hand, the railroady nature of Trail adventures make them excellent learning tools for novice GMs. (This was only Jen's third or fourth time out in terms of running something.)

  3. Not since H.P. Lovecraft appeared in Atomic Robo was there such a twist on an actual historical character. It's a neat little force by giving you real people so that the backstories aren't known, and then also providing a married couple for the ritual so that there's no natural inclination for accidental space mead poisoning. It did turn the final climax into a bit of a comedy though.

    "Ah-ha! You've discovered my plans but really it was I luring you here rather than you tracking me here?"
    "And now, behold as I turn one of you into something that will effortlessly destroy me"
    *reckless carnage*
    "Well, at least we stopped the plot from going off."
    *the plot goes off anyway*

  4. I LOVED this. So very much. Fantastic job everyone, but special kudos to Jen. I'm always amazed to hear you don't GM much, because you have some highly polished skills.